It’s finally here! We’ve had a really productive month, but in addition to that, this patch alone is a pretty solid chunk of content thanks to some writing commissions to help me populate Korg’ii Hold pouring in.

0.7.136 Changelog:

  • Tuuva is completely coded! QuestyRobo’s fluffy little blacksmith is absolutely done, including a small miniquest, affection reward, and a date scene where you can take her to see the stars. Quite a cute little NPC, if I must say!
  • Tuuva can now be given Frostwyrm scales, and after one week will have some very powerful armors in stock for you as a result. Please note that B (Paige’s author), has a huge project that turns the Frostwyrm into a waifu in the backlog awaiting review, so killing her for her scales might be a bad idea if you gotta catch ’em all.
  • A small scene for sleeping in the Nyrean dungeon in the Queen’s Chamber by Stygs has been rolled into the game. Note: Nyrean Royals only!
  • A bust for Poe A, by Crossman, has been added to the game.
  • Night Trap’s “Sleep Fapnea” device has been coded by Jacques00 and should be available from the seer or Luca.
  • New Furry Loincloths should now occupy the correct spot. Note that they may stay bugged in old saves.
  • [Hotfix] Tuuva’s author credits should be correctly appearing.

Gianna buttjob by Waterproof Pidgeon! P.S. He’s gonna do a picture of Shade too. HYPE!

New This Public Patch: Below the Break!

  • New NPC: Nenne the herbalist, one of many Korg’ii Hold NPCs. Comes with a bevy of new consumables!
  • New NPC: Heidrun the Korg’ii Hold Clothier. Includes several new barbarian-themed clothing options!
  • New NPC: the Storm Lancer, a manly foe intent on honorable combat.
  • New Impregnation: Ula can now be impregnated!
  • New Impregnation: Female zil pregnancy and enhancements to sex scenes have been made.
  • New Quest: Bothrioc Diplomacy Mission.
  • New NPC Expansion: Kaede Exhibitionism.
  • New Items: Underwear that seals in fluids, available at Lerris’s TamaniCorp shop.
  • New Items: Accessories that fire off a damage pulse when your shields go down, sold by Emmy and Doctor Badger. (1x/Combat)
  • New Transformation Item: Korgonne Snacks.
  • New Busts: Egg Trainer, Quaelle, Pregnant Ula, Charles, and the Character Creation Doctor, Taivra, Erika.
  • New Temporary Perk awarded for completing hard yoga with Paige.
  • New Storm Lancer Scenes: Face-fucking the Storm Lancer, a win scene for vagina-havers, and a loss for ladies in heat.
  • New Ula Scenes: Centaur and Cock-tail support!
  • New Status: Plugged vagina. Currently only happens on Uveto, where most NPC’s have been adjusted to handle an inaccessible quim.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s sublevel partly added.
  • New Item Flag: Requires High Physique. Used for ranged weapons that require the PC to maintain a high degree of fitness to fire (or power armor).
  • Hostile Korgonne now drop Korgonne Snacks.
  • And probably a few other things I missed!