0.7.108 Changelog:

  • Those who have Sera as their mistress (and A-cups) can proc an event where she fucks them against the wall as revenge against furry trick or treaters… somehow. I dunno, but it’s hot! Written by flying_mustache
  • Slab Bulkhead’s contest-winning ghost dream has been added to the game. It can randomly proc in place of other dreams while sleeping during Halloween season.
  • Assorted fixes and fun!

I might still code a thing or two for tomorrow’s patch, but I guess it’s time for everybody’s big list of everything done this month:

  • New Halloween events: Paige’s Possession, Night of the Succucow, Pumpkin Carving with your Kids, Poe A Hero’s Costume, Poe A Bondage Kitty Costume, Poe A Saurmorian Costume, Night of the Chupacabro, Poe A Female Spider Costume
  • Ellie can be impregnated.
  • Ilaria can be impregnated.
  • Many characters at Gastigoth can be impregnated.
  • New Busts: Planets, Liamme, Luca, Kase
  • New Rare drops on Tarkus: Spunkshrooms, Slutshrooms
  • New Roaming Rare Weapon Vendor: Kattom Osgood (Includes 19 new weapons!)
  • New Follower: Kase
  • The Subtuner received a very large expansion pack.
  • New character: Prai Ellit

I didn’t personally write as many of these as I would have liked, but I’m quite happy with the amount we’ve managed to push. Art is by CheshireCatSmile37.