It’sΒ over! (But at least one more patch is coming.) The winners are….

  1. “Ghost Sex Dream” by Slab Bulkhead
  2. “Succucow Nightmare” by Night Trap
  3. “Dryad Costume” by TosakunoKishi
  4. “Saurmorian Costume” by Aullama
  5. “Possessed Paige” by B

I’m feeling generous, so fourth and fifth place are going to get the same rewards as third place ($100 via paypal or $75 of vidjagames). Authors, please contact me at to claim your fantabulous prizes. If you didn’t win but your entry has been coded into the game (or gets coded in the future), please boop my snoot for delicious dollarydoos to fall into your lap.

To all the other wonderful people who submitted entries that didn’t win or scored poorly (scores are available in the contest submission thread’s last post), thank you for putting your time and effort in. Feel free to contact me to have your blog account awarded four months of free backer access!