ComfyCushion_Penny_LQHey guys! I just finished up Zeikfried’s Yarasta – a Gildenmere educator at the thollum with some lovely exposition education, the rigors of war, and her own vagina. It even includes threesomes with her girlfriend if you catch her around the 20:00 hour.

I was going to release it as a build for backers, then chase it in a day or two with a public build… but something big happened. Gedan completed the bulk of her combat refactoring, which is somewhat akin to gutting three or four dragons, then sewing the parts together into some kind of necromantic hydra. I’m more than a little scared of it, but it’ll let us string together fights with multiple unique enemies with ease.

Allies can even properly assist as well. I’m talking about group fights. That sound you heard? It was Savin’s boner punching a hole in the bulkheads. The Shade/Kara fight could’ve been built much more nicely using this many-headed code-hydra’s +1 keen claws, and Mander Commander’s lovely next two dungeons should start getting some love as soon as Gedan emerges from her programming-induced hibernation.

One thing I do want to make clear – TiTS is not going to be a party combat game. There might be dungeons where you get a tag-along or two, but it’s more focused on a personal experience than encounters as a group. I hope that’s not too disappointing to anyone, but there’s always FoE to scratch that itch (or Savin’s next project).

Anyway, I’m going to post the experimental .SWF build up on Patreon and for backers – just don’t expect it to work very well. Just wandering around the upper caves on Myrellion I discovered like three to four different crash-inducing bugs with encounters there. You might have to wait an hour or two for it to hit though – gotta clean up some other stuff in the meantime. Deliciousness is posted if you’ve got the privileges to see it.

This old Penny Commission was done by ComfyCushion, in many ages past.