Syri, Freja, & Oilyskar (Cheshire) PART 2 (Lowres)Savin here. Between Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and dentist visits, the last month wasn’t exactly brilliant for keeping consistent work weeks. That’s all behind me now, so I should be back to my normal six-day schedule for the foreseeable future. Least until I have to go in and get my wisdom teeth out, but I dunno when that’s gonna be yet. Lame.

Anyway, to update you on what I’ve been working on lately….

Back in December, I finished off a device I call the Egg Trainer. It’s a TamaniCorp product that, well, fills you full of eggs to seriously stretch out your butt and/or pussies. Once you’re adjusted to it, the device can seal them in to both keep you massively gravid (with progressively higher lust gains as your character enjoys the ever-more-full sensations) and occupy a womb against actually getting egged by nyrea/Queen of the Deep etc. My eggnancy boner went pretty stronk on that one, not gonna lie.

My current priority has been editing Yammi’s follower content, and generating some sex scenes for her. I reorganized her old document and edited her into shape, but I ended up having to take a break from it when I bumped into some pretty weird content her author’d left that basically turned her into Yammibal Lector: keeping humanoids chained up in your ship as “harvest girls” for her kitchen… yeah. I’ve revised that a little bit to be at least somewhat less creepy and contradictory to her character as an ex-debt slave, and now smuttiness should be full steam ahead. Most of the scene ideas I’ve come up with for her are probably going to be fairly food-centric, from licking a whipped cream bikini off her to using alien vegtables (ie, spess cucumbers) on her like a dildo — seems appropriate for the ship’s chef, and it’s something I haven’t really done before. Fun times.

Between poking away at Yammibal Lector, I’ve also swung back around to start back in on good ol’ Reaha. Poor girl got lost in the ever-growing pile of stuff I need to do for almost a year. The content for her addiction-cured path is now mostly done, aside from pitching in new sex scenes and probably some unique content for convincing Reaha to start whoring again (this time for you, as a free woman). Whether that’s Steele pitching in to take johns with her or just getting some voyeuristic action over your ship’s cameras, we’ll have to see. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish her off right after Yammi.

Other than that… depending on how dead Gedan is after finishing off the combat 2.0 business, I’d like to start hammering out ship combat/mechanics. If not, then maybe work on the Tavros Station nursery. Who knows!

Can’t remember if I posted this art before, but I don’t think so. I blame losing the old blog if I have! Followup to last year’s sauna pic, done by Cheshire of 3 potential Uveto (the next TiTS planet) NPCs: Eimear, Syri, and Freja. Poor Syri looks like she’s about to pop~