Savin and I are probably going to be scarce for a few days starting tomorrow, but today, I’m gonna keep poking at Emmata (Emmy), the KihaCorp company representative on Myrellion. She sells energy weaponry and shields to all non-natives (so don’t show up looking like an ant)! She’s also part of a test group for a new Tamani Brand implant that leaves her moderately aroused all the time.

I’ve still got a lot of talk discussions to write before any sex can happen, or even before I can have her reveal the implant. #FurriesInSpaaaaaace

Oh, and Savin put all his stories back up on the site.

Edit: Apparently I’m incapable of making simple shopkeepers. I finished her talks (2,500 words-ish) and plotted out what you’ll have to do for sexytimes – namely a three-part quest. I’ll be reposting Treatment chapters over the next few days for those who missed them as well.