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So this post is just going to be a catch-all for a couple of D&D stories I’ve done up over the last year or two! Do You Want to See a Magic Trick is about Claire and Rask, a pair of characters played by myself and Fen, have a very interesting open relationship… fueled by mind control. The second, coping mechanism, is about Atsara from Sinarra’s D&D game, coming to terms with living in a world where sex is a weapon. The last was my very first D&D smut, wherein my noble maiden Selene found herself entranced by a prince and and awesome cock. It’s rough.

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“Do you want to see a magic trick?”


Claire had hired the new maid unthinkingly. The new manor was sprawling, a massive estate that would make most dukes and even some kings… well, nod approvingly and say it was very nice, anyway. It was in a state of disarray still: new furniture coming in everyday, cleaning crews working at all hours, and servants and footmen arriving from their ship. The previous owner, Lord Gerillo, had gotten his possessions robbed right out from under his coffin before his body was cold: the manor they inherited was empty, nothing but dust lines to show where the luxurious furniture had once stood in years past.

The new maid stood out. She was an elf, and as beautiful as any specimen of that race ought to be. Her curves were delicate, inviting, and her skin as pale as alabaster, catching the candlelight as she moved around the study, as light on her feet as a dancer. Claire enjoyed watching her, losing herself in the mesmerizing sway of the elf girl’s hips, the tantalizing glimpses of thigh hidden by her long stockings. When she noticed, sometimes the elf would put a little more rhythm in her moves, bending over a little further to dust the hard to reach places.


Claire the Cowgirl Fighter and Rask the Mouse-folk Bard, from Applesauce’s D&D game. Played by myself and Fenoxo (respectively).

Claire didn’t mind that her boyfriend was fucking her.

“All done, mistress,” the elf said after one such night, still bent so far over an endtable that the straps on her leggings strained against the garter hidden beneath her sinfully short skirt. And it had been getting shorter every week.

“Thank you, Seunara,” just stopping herself from reaching out to the taut, sheer curve of the girl’s ass. She didn’t think Seunara would mind, but… “That’ll be all.”

The maid smiled. “As you wish, mistress.” She straightened and curtseyed. “Have a pleasant evening.”

“You too, dear,” Claire answered, watching the girl go, half-entranced by her swaying gait. She moved like water…

When she was gone, Claire heaved a heavy sigh and finished off the glass of northerland wine she’d been teasing all evening. Over the rim of the glass, she spied Rask — lord of the manor and heir to all its assets by some work of artifice she still couldn’t comprehend in full — walking past the study door, giving her a friendly wave as he went to the kitchens. Rask, her lover. Her beloved.

It hadn’t been easy between them at first. They met as lovers so often do: Claire had been sitting at the tavern with her friend, now captain of their guards, when Rask walked over. He was a hair over three feet, a short white little mouse-man with armor that gleamed in the candlelight. Claire towered over almost everyone, but Rask seemed like a small child beneath her. Half a minotaur, Claire was easily seven feet tall, more if she straightened up a bit. She’d smiled down at the little rat as he walked up, asking, “Wanna see a magic trick?”

Claire didn’t believe in hypnotism. When he’d held out his watch and swayed it around, she’d just stared at him and asked if he wanted to see a trick himself. Stunned, he nodded, and before the evening was out they were in bed. Of course it wasn’t easy there, either. Claire was seven feet of cow-girl, built and bred to handle foot-long bulls (and the bull in her village had been nearly twice that!), and Rask couldn’t compare. But they found their ways: he was good with his lithe, writhing tail, and was just the right height to duck under her skirts and pleasure her; Claire, for her part, was skilled with her long, wide bovine tongue and, much to Rask’s delight, could squeeze her rear cheeks sinfully tight around his cock. Hotdogging, he called it. They made do, for a time, until they came to the Capital to claim his manor.

The witch-doctor had charged a pretty penny for his magics, but what price wouldn’t you pay to sate your lover? When he walked by the study, Claire looked out after him, watching the diminutive rat walk bow-legged dragging his girthy member that hung to his knees. “It was his idea,” she convinced herself, smiling at the memory of first feeling that monster inside her. It had been bliss, and the knot he’d gotten with it… gods above. They’d kept busy for a week non-stop.

Of course, the morning after he came back from the mage’s shop, Claire had noticed that Seunara was walking a little stiffly. She’d asked if something was wrong, but the elf just looked past her with a wide smile, saying, “I had a little too much fun last night, mistress. I saw the most amazing magic show.”

Claire chocked it up to coincidence, but she soon knew better. Still, who was she to complain? It’s a cow’s lot to sit dutifully under her bull as he plows her, and the next girl, spreading his seed to every eager hole in the herd. It was simple thing to think of Seunara as part of her herd; she liked the elf well enough, and she was hard working and pleasant to look at. Claire learned to ignore the sound of the bed creaking upstairs when she was training in the grand hall; to pretend she didn’t notice the sticky white paste drooling down Seunara’s thighs the night before. She blushed at the thought of that; when she saw Rask’s seed dripping down the elf’s leg, still hot in her womanhood, Claire had excused herself and let it all out, overcome with unnatural lust.

She put the thought out of her mind. Claire wished Rask would just tell her, rather than pretending. She didn’t mind, really. They were both incorrigible flirts, anyway; it wasn’t like they’d sworn monogamy. They weren’t married, either. Just lovers, friends who knew each other so very intimately. What did she expect? He’d told her he didn’t love her. That was a one-way street, she knew that, and it might always be.

Claire set her glass aside and went upstairs. The manor was so big, still new in her mind and labyrinthine in layout, that it was near twenty minutes before she found the master bedroom. It wasn’t empty.

“Oh, mistress!” Seunara gasped, dropping a load of Claire’s clothes on the floor. “I-I was just straightening up!”

She’d been holding Claire’s panties to her nose, breathing deep of the scent like a god’s honest pervert. Claire stood in the doorway, staring. The elf flushed full red, gathering up the spilt clothes and putting them back in the basket. “I-I’m sorry, Mistress Claire. It won’t happen again. I should.. get home…”

Claire stared, wide-eyed, but didn’t bar the girl’s way. She didn’t know how to respond, what to think. She should have: she liked the girl well enough, lusted after her. She should have known how to answer a show of obvious, wanton desire. Instead, Claire stepped aside, letting the blushing elf maid rush out of the room. Seunara got half way down the hall before she stopped short.

“Unless… you want me to stay?”

“What?” Claire breathed, craning her head to look at Seunara.

“If you want me to stay, mistress,” the elf repeated, turning around to face Claire, smiling prettily. “It would be my very great pleasure, Mistress Claire, to please you. If you would have me.”

Claire’s breath caught. Was she…

Wide-eyed, the minotauress stepped aside, an arm open to the bedroom. Seunara gave a giddy jump and went back in, a jaunty prance in her graceful step. Before she was halfway to the bed, her garter and black underwear were strewn across the flood, baring the tender folds of her sex, dripping with unabashed lust as the maid slipped down on the bed. Her fingers disappeared into her sodden box, bright blue eyes staring expectantly at Claire.

Claire didn’t know what to think, but her body knew what to do. She stripped, one easy motion to yank off her vest, baring the two massive swells of her milky breasts, and another to drop her skirt around her ankles. Claire sat down at the edge of the bed, putting an arm around the slight young elf’s shoulders, pulling her close. Seunara gasped with delight as the minotauress lifted her up into her lap, and with fingers stroking gently through her long, flowing golden locks, guided her eager lips to one of her dark teats.

There was nothing in the world better than milking. Sex — not even with Rask’s cock — was nothing compared to the raw release, and the strange serenity, of being suckled from. Claire’s back arched, eyes rolling back as she felt the first drops drained out of her oh-so-full breasts, urged forth by Seunara’s full, gentle lips. She was perfection: the elf started slow, gentle, lovingly tasting the small trickle she earned; but of course neither would be satisfied with just that for long. Claire held the girl close, letting Seunara bury her head in her soft, warm bosom, suckling contentedly from the endless reserves of Claire’s milk, fingers still delving her own depths, faster and faster as her lips tightened just a touch around Claire’s breast.

Claire could feel her own sex warming up to the pleasure, starting to ready itself for the sex that so often accompanied her lactation. She reached down toward it, but Seunara caught her hand, held it back a moment until Claire laid it back around the elf’s shoulders. With a lusty wink, Seunara let her other hand fall free from Claire’s teat, letting herself rest solely in the cow’s arms as she slipped her hand between her mistress’s thick thighs, spreading them apart just enough to reveal the slick slit of Claire’s sex. Seunara smiled up at her lover around the nipple held firmly in her lips, a smile of wanton lust, of desire, and such utter contentment. The same look Claire knew she sported, of knowing this was what she was born to do: Claire to be milked, and Seunara to fuck.

Claire gasped as she felt the elf’s small, dainty little fingers playing across the lips of her sex. So small, yet so dexterous: one circled her prominent clit, teasing the flush bud as another two slipped down into the slippery tunnel below, rubbing along her sensitive inner walls. A little push from the elf, and Claire was on her back, crawling back along the bed to rest her head on the pillows, Seunara crawling up after her, hand still lodged in Claire’s cunt and her own.

“I’ve waited so long, mistress,” Seunara breathed, voice husky and full of promises as she slipped back into Claire’s arms, kissing her cow full on the lips. “I thought you’d never notice me…”

“Every day,” Claire reassured her, brushing a hand through Seunara’s soft hair, pushing it away from the elf’s delicate face. “It was a labor not to take you before.”

Seunara made a pouting face. “You were never going to tell me you wanted me!”

“It all worked out,” Claire said, kissing her again, gasping as the elf maid thrust her full hand inside her, as thick and balled as Rask’s knot. She moaned, hips grinding up against the fist locked inside her, barely noticing the little elf climbing up to straddle Claire’s big hips until her other hand, still slick with lust, grasped one of her bovine horns.

“Ride ’em, cowgirl,” Claire grinned, slapping Seunara’s tight little ass with both hands. The position was awkward, one hand reached back to bury itself in Claire’s cunt, the other grasping her thick horn for support, but with an obedient smile, the elf started to move, thrusting deep into Claire, making her stomach bulge with the thickness of it. Claire whined and groaned, practically lifting her back off the bed with unquenchable lust and pleasure, only to be pushed back down by the elf as her fist hammered home, as deep as it could go.

Another thrust made Claire groan, biting her lip. The third made her scream, crying her pleasure until it echoed throughout the manor. She briefly imagined servants and guards looking with alarm up to the flickering light in the master window, of the housekeepers inside giggling and gossiping. It only made her want it more. “Fuck me!” Claire growled, grabbing the elf’s slender hips. “FUCK ME!”

“Ahhh! Gentle!” Seunara giggled, wincing at the cow’s strong grasp. She did as she was asked, though, thrusting her fist harder and faster into Claire’s sopping box, fist-fucking her mistress hard enough that there was soon a pool of her lust spreading out around them, staining the sheets with feminine slime as Seunara’s thrusting hand spattered it across their thighs and asses. But that hardly seemed fair, Claire thought as she fought back the need to cum. She didn’t want to finish alone.

With a heave, Claire brought the end down atop her, hugging her tight to her chest and shifting so that their boiling sexes were touching, Claire’s red-trimmed bush grinding against the sheer, smooth groin of the elven maid. Seunara cried out in delight, pulling her hand free to grab Claire’s breast again, letting the cow take control. Claire’s hands soon shifted down from the elf’s hips to her ass, squeezing them slender cheeks before spreading them wide. She never expected how easily two fingers would slide in, but then that’s Rask’s work, isn’t it: Seunara gave a mere grunt of approval as she bucked her hips, grinding her clit down on Claire’s as two thick bovine fingers sunk deep into the elf’s sex. When Claire’s thumb pierced her ass, though, that got a reaction! Seunara cried out, back arching as Claire’s digits pushed in, each as thick as a elf’s cock in its own right.

“Gods, yes! Give me more!” Seunara cried, moving faster, nearly pushing Claire over the edge, “More!”

So she gave her more. Claire’s other hand hand fingers to spare, and soon two joined the brace in the elf’s cunny, spreading her nice and wide so her juices flowed freely, smearing across Claire’s own sex, making their lusty fucking practically glide. She was close, so close… Claire groaned and moaned as she and Seunara slipped and humped, grinding and fingering, faster and harder until…

Until the door opened.

Claire gave a shriek of alarm as Rask entered. The rat stopped dead in the doorway, staring with wide eyes at the two girls deep in the throes of lovemaking in his bed. “I-it’s not what you think!” Claire started to say, but Seunara merely grinned, reaching back to spread her cheeks wide.

“Master! Slide on in!” the elf cried, humping back against the fingers still stretching her cunt open. “Claire’s got me all warmed up for you.”

Claire stared in shock, but a moment later, caught Rask’s eye. He was looking… for approval? What could she do but nod?

The moment she did, his pants practically vanished, vest hanging open as he jumped into bed, grabbing the monster between his legs. Twelve inches of throbbing red dogmeat, based with a knot as thick as Seunara’s fist. Claire watched him drop the long shaft atop the elf’s backside, stroking it furiously until, hard as a rock, he did as she asked, and slid right in.

“I… Rask…” Claire started, but was cut off by the scream of pleasure from Seunara, and the feeling of Rask’s massive member distending the elf’s gut, pressing right into Claire’s own belly. The rat grasped Seunara’s hips, steadying himself as he pushed in inch after inch of cunt-wrecking cockmeat. Claire could feel every little thrust, every squirt of femcum as Seunara’s orgasm hit just from penetration.

Overwhelmed, the elf collapsed, heady buried between Claire’s bust with her ass held firmly in the air by the hard cock inside her. Rask smiled, patting her behind, still thrusting… but then his hands snaked forward, playing across alabaster elven flesh to grope Claire’s tits, squeezing them until they beaded with milk. “Have fun without me, girls?” he laughed, unable to hide his knowing smile.

Claire tried to answer, but was drowned out by an ecstatic groan from the elven slut atop her. All the cow could follow that with was a little moo, guiding Seunara’s head back to her bosom to suckle more as Rask started to pound her spasming hole. Had he… set this up? He’d been fucking the maid, but did… did he want them both, at once; was that his game?

Well, it worked. She was so close to orgasm before, mind addled with such lust that the ations of her lover made no matter to her beyond her own pleasure. Claire let out a needy little moan, humping against thehalf-conscious elf’s cunny as she suckled, trying to wring some sensation out of it. Instead, she felt something poking at another hole: a thin, writhing little point, so slender that no matter how hard she squeezed, she couldn’t repel it for more than an instant. Claire screamed as Rask’s tail entered her, thrashing and probing its way into her darkest depths with measured ease, pulsing deeper to the beat of Rask’s fucking the elf above.

Claire’s moaned echoed loudly throughout the manor, soon joined by Seunara’s as Rask’s fucking grew all the more savage, pounding two holes at once with wild abandon. Claire’s arms wrapped around the elf’s just as her cuddled Claire, the girls holding tight to each other as their bull, their Rask, fucked them both silly. “C-cum in her!” Claire heard herself yelling as her own orgasm neared again, “Fuck this slut full of your seed, Rask! Fuck us harder!”

“With pleasure, my dear!” he grinned, and Claire could see Seunara’s eyes go wide a moment before she lost herself in her own anal orgasm, screaming her lust to the heavens above as Rask’s tail thrust deep inside and his seed spilled out of Seunara, so much flowing into her tight elven pussy that she couldn’t take even half of it; and so Rask pulled out, whipping his dick out of one pussy and into another, thrusting deep into Claire with one fell stroke. She screamed again, pulling both her lovers tight as Rask hilted her, tying her with his mutant knot as his seed poured into her.

“Do you want to see a magic trick?” he asked, smiling at Claire.

But it was Seunara who answered, “Another? Oh yes, master!”



Seunara gasped as Claire’s arms wrapped around her. For a cow, she could move quietly, even sneaking up on the lusty maid. It was early morning, and the mansion was still mostly silent save for the din of the city outside its walls. The elf was so much smaller than her, so delicate and fragile: especially now, with her stomach bulging so beautifully beneath her uniform. Claire’s hand ran across the taut skin of her elven maid’s belly, undoing one of her buttons to get closer. Seunara didn’t object, of course; she didn’t object to anything. Claire planted a kiss on the elf’s neck as she felt a little kick from inside her.

She wasn’t mad that Rask’s seed had taken to the elf. It was bull’s duty to spread his seed to the herd, to assert his dominance and breed every heffer in his care. This was the second whelping he’d left to Seunara, and it wouldn’t be the last. Her other daughter ran past them, playing with the small red-haired daughter of the guard captain and her wife.

“Mistress?” Seunara asked, half-teasing as she wiggled her ass against Claire’s skirts. Even pregnancy couldn’t quench the unnatural lust of the elven beauty. Claire shook her head, kissed her, and slipped away to find her husband.

There were always new girls in their bed. Whores, guardswomen, mages, priestesses. Rask worked his magic without distinction. Claire found him knotted in an amazonian beauty, her ass in the air, head down in a pillow; her tribe of warriors surrounded the bed, all spread-legged and dripping with seed. One of them, the Watch lieutenant that had come to collect tax last year, was almost as heavy with child as Seunara.

It was an average day, really. The only constants in the manor were Claire, Seunara, Rask, and their close friends and lovers. Claire even had a new butler, now: a minotaur who’d attacked them on the road, screaming “For the Tam!” until Claire’s warhammer tamed him. He was a good bull, now; maybe someday she’d let him get her with child. Rask couldn’t, she knew that now. Cows and rats don’t mix, the mage said. Oh, well. The little rat-eared, tailed elf running through the halls downstairs was enough for her, for now.

Today, she had something else on her mind. Something a long time overdue.

“Hey, my love,” she said, slipping into bed and pushing the guardswoman off Rask’s cock. If he kept that up, half the watch would be under his thumb.

He grinned, wiping the seed off his cock. “What’s up, tits?” he laughs, popping her on the behind. “Is it your turn for a ride with ol’ Rask? You always get first dibs, you know.”

“Oh, I know,” she said, taking his member in her hand: so slick, so hot; it was hard to resist mounting him, pushing him down into the pillows and fucking the little rat until she was bathed in his cum. But not now. With her other hand, she took out a small watch. “But not right now. I have to ask you something, Rask.”


“Do you want to see a magic trick?”



Atsara found her cheek resting against Penny’s back, lost in the moment. Water ran around them in the cool creek, bubbling and gurgling quietly around the rocks that shielded their little heaven from the rest of their company. She held her lover in her arms, at first bathing her, helping the fox-girl scrub those “hard to reach” places, but that moment of fun had drifted away into a long, silent embrace. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see — no, couldn’t NOT see — the blood spraying. The demon had attacked them. In the games she’d played before coming to the Demon Realm, you killed or be killed. Death was a quick-save’s annoyance.

They’d killed before yesterday, a quick slit throat in the aftermath of a battle, putting a creature out of its misery. Even a demon before, whose death had troubled Atsara’s dreams. But this… this was something else. The demon… no, the woman… who they had killed had a sister tied up in their camp, still bawling her eyes out. Atsara had been coated in her blood, trying to tell the demoness that her sister hadn’t made it. No, that she hadn’t. Her head had gone flying like a soccer ball, right across the field. The image had burned itself into Atsara’s nightmares like a brand, and she’d woken up drenched in sweat (nevermind the caked blood and dirt in her fur and hair). Enough to make her run for the river the first chance she got.

“You okay back there, babe?”

Atsara blinked, snapping back to the moment at hand, suddenly feeling the full, heaving swells of her lover’s breasts clutched tight in her hands. “Y-yeah, sorry,” she mumbled, giving one of Penny’s nipples a quick pinch before moving her hands down her hips to the fox-girl’s swishing tail, back to her scrubbing, trying to brush the thought of blood spraying from her mind.

Gently, Atsara wrung and brushed Penny’s sensitive tail, grinning as the fennec’s breath caught as she tickled a sensitive spot, scrubbing the grime of battle away with careful strokes. Slowly, her deft fingers slipped forward, stealthily caressing their way up the underside of Penny’s tail and toward the gap between her thighs.

Penny gave a sharp little gasp as Atsara’s black-furred fingers brushed the petals of her flower — literally. Sara still hadn’t gotten quite used to the new mutation her lover had contracted, but it felt (and smelled!) wonderful, so silky smooth and slick with nectar that it practically swallowed her digits, drawing them in until the wolf was two knuckles deep in the quivering fox, relentlessly driving them in until her hand was a mess of nectary cunny-juices. Penny’s body visibly shuddered as Sara slipped her fingers back out, drawing them up to her lover’s mouth to give her a taste of her own sweet, sweet juices. Penny suckled, licking the nectar off as the wolf’s other hand pressed into her back, gently but insistently pushing Penny to bend down against one of the big, foam-slathered rocks before her.

Atsara didn’t think about how she’d never been with a woman before. She didn’t think of the nervous, shy girl she’d left behind on Terra Firma who’d closed her eyes and practically gone limp in a football player’s bed when she lost her virginity. All she thought about was the taut, firm ass spreading out in front of her, the warm, sweet taste of Penny on her tongue as she dug into her lover’s twat, the basest, rawest animal instinct left in her took control, slathering her tongue through the open channel of Penny’s flowering pussy.

Penny moaned lustily, girl-cum squirting out across Sara’s chin. The wolf growled, ears perking as Penny’s fingers brushed through her hair, yet unrelenting in her oral assault. Her hands wrapped around the fennec’s hips, pushing her up against the rock face as she devoured the flowery fuckhole in front of her face, completely dissociated from the blood, the screams, the terror of the night before. Her mind, that low, lusty, primal part of her, the reptile brain, screamed FUCK: and so she did. Penny let out a little yelp of pleasure (and maybe a little pain) as Atsara’s teeth tugged at the petal-lips of her pussy, slowly working their way up until she found the still-prominent bud of her lover’s clit and sucked it up, tongue lavishing it with affection until the fox-girl’s legs felt like jelly around her, thighs clenching and quivering as Atsara licked and sucked and thrusted her tongue into the finger-stretched chasm hidden below the little flower.

Panting, chest heaving, Sara let her hands drop from her lover’s waist, cuppong one of her own big teats and quickly rubbing the cleft of her cunt, mingling the fennec’s flowery juices with her own, never giving a thought to how… how utterly unlike her it should have been to stuff her twat with another girl’s slick cum. Then again, it was hardly the first plant-spunk she’d taken since coming here, was it? Her ass and cunt still felt gaped from the Ropers they kept encountering — maybe she was permanently stretched out, nice and loose for the thick, writhing tentacles that had fucked her again and again and again until she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even cum anymore, lost in pleasure and excess.

That was this world at its heart: excess. The classic, literary kind. Gluttony of the sexes, lust unbound and unchecked. If she wanted, she could walk up to the demoness she had captive on the hillside and thrust her cunt in the slut’s face, Atsara knew that the slut would lick it like a good whore. Everyone on this world was mad with lust: it was a weapon, it was power. They used it against her, against Penny; why not fuck them back? Atsara stood to her full height, a few inches over Penny, pressing herself into her lover’s back, breasts filling out the fennec’s shoulders as her fingers slipped back into Penny’s twat, thrusting deep as Atsara started to move, to hump, fucking her lover with her fingers like she had a dick of her own. Penny came again, pushed over in a few short minutes by the incessant, unerring thrusts of the wolf-girl’s hand into her.

Atsara didn’t realize how hard she was thrusting, how fast her heart was beating, pounding in her heaving chest, until Penny finally recovered enough to push her off, flipping Atsara until it was HER back against the rock. She struggled in her lover’s grasp, thrashing hard for a second before she finally snapped back to reality, panting hard as the fennec girl regarded her.

“S-sorry,” she finally breathed, barely more than a whisper, pointedly looking away from her lover. “It’s just… I…”

“I know,” Penny sighed, resting her head in the soft, warm embrace of Sara’s chest in silent understanding. The wolf girl gave a little purr of contentment, hands wrapping around the fennec, holding her tight.

When Penny’s fingers entered her in return, Atsara made herself lay back against the rock, eyes closed and body limp, obedient to her beloved’s demands. Calm… calm, she told herself as her legs slipped around Penny’s shoulders, pushed back atop the rock like a hard bed, as wet as she was.

This time, when she closed her eyes, locked in the carnal embrace of her lover, Atsara managed not to think about the horrors she’d seen. For a few blissful minutes, all she thought of was her one beautiful, oh so pleasurable escape from this mad, twisted world.


[The Scene: An ancient arena in a fallen city. A royal lord, Prince of a dying, self-immolating realm, stands vigil as two warriors face off. The oracle Selene looks down as her friend, a Paladin of the goddess of love, stands before a creature whose flesh peels away, revealing the visage of a lich. Not just a lich, but more… the face of the dread near-god that nearly destroyed all the realm. Yet, suddenly, a powerful, inexplicable urge washes over her: she turns, seeing her companion, a goblin, impaled on the Prince’s cock, seed seeping from her green cunt. With a look of overwhelming disgust, the priestess pushes the goblin off and takes what must be her rightful place: she spreads her legs and slips into Prince Kelvin’s lap, feeling his throbbing manhood pierce her virginal cunt, spearing her oh-so-sensitive walls. Yet her eyes never leave the arena as the combatants close. Her hips move as the Prince’s hands lock on her wide hips, guiding her movements as her body works to pleasure her liege….]

“Ah, don’t look away. This is the best part!” The Prince declared, grinning sadistically as the lich tore into the defenseless Paladin. Selene’s breath caught, feeling his huge, throbbing cock twitch eagerly in her sodden box, his excitement growing with every blow.

“A-as you say, Your Grace,” she groaned, rolling her hips in his lap, reveling in the sensation of penetration, though she could hardly say the royal member had her full attention: she was entranced by the battle, on the edge of her momentary lover’s lap as her friend engaged the monster in the guise of the Heretic. Gods and spirits, she hoped Lua survived; though as the next blow landed, and the royal seed entered her womb, she knew the Prince had other plans…

With a heavy sigh, Selene leaned back into the Prince’s arm, chest heaving as she felt his cum dribble out of her, white seed staining her thighs. “H hope you know how to control this thing…” she said, eyeing the monster in the arena. In response to her query, his prick twitched, almost hard again already. “Th-the other beast. Not… well, I can go again if you can, but… what about my friend?”

[The Lich presses the assault, savaging the Paladin]

Selene gasped as the Prince pushed forward, jumping to his feet. The young priestess fell forward, grabbing the royal box’s railing for support. In a heart’s beat, the Prince’s hands were on her wide, womanly hips, his cock thrusting deep into her once again. “Behold! The power of a bound lich, a creature under my control! Can you feel its power, girl? Your friend never stood a chance!”

Selene bit her lip, moaning with primal pleasure as the royal cock fucked her, hammering her cum-soaked twat to the beat and rhythm of the battle below.

[The fight turns agains the lich… for a moment]

“You see, Your Grace? Not as hopeless as you thought,” Selene hissed, gritting her teeth as the Prince’s thrusts became ever more erratic, more forceful. He pounded her box mercilessly, groping and kneading her pliant ass. A quick spank sends her flesh quivering, her breath catching as she watched the Lich suddenly begin to heal itself; watched the Paladin’s jaw drop with terror. Her fingers dug into the railing, trying to support herself.

The Prince shot her an arrogant grin. His hand snaked around her supple body, tearing open her short to free her heavy breasts. As he cupped one of the soft orbs, pinching the sensitive red tip, he leaned in close, breath hot on her cheek. “We’ll see, my dear. My friend has some surprises left.”

A hand cupped Selene’s cheek, pulling her up from the railing. The Prince bit her neck, a sign of absolute dominance over her yielding, cum-filled body as her friend was beaten again and again, the lich laughing maniacally as it attacked. She groaned, but found herself nuzzling back against the hand holding her, putting a hand on the prince’s over her breast. She let him support her, holding her steady as he fucked her harder and harder, groin slapping into her ass until the arena echoed with the sounds of flesh against flesh mixing with the ring of steel and spell. Selene’s mouth fell agape as she felt her own climax rising; the battle, too, was coming to a head: the Lich’s hands crackled with a mighty spell, the Prince’s prick pulsed powerfully in her sodden pussy, ready to honor her with another womb full of his potent seed. She gave in, moaning like a whole in his arms, letting herself cum to his savage fucking as her friend nearly collapsed, flesh searing before her eyes.

“I-I’m not a whore… this isn’t me,” Selene groaned, slumping forward against the rail. Her bare breasts swayed as her body collapsed against the stone, seed pooling down her leg.

“As you say,” the Prince laughed, pulling out and wiping his prick on her bare ass cheek. “I’m sure you’re an upstanding girl. Just like this one.”

Before she could blink, Selene saw the little whore of a goblin jump on the royal manhood, eager for more. Selene slid down the rail, hugging her knees to herself, unable to watch the battle anymore… yet unable to look away as the filthy goblin crawled into the Prince’s lap, impaling herself on his majestic cock as if it were nothing… as if giving him everything, as Selene had, was a trifling thing, to be taken so lightly. The young priestess sighed and shuddered, feeling unclean; and woefully able to feel two helping of royal seed churning in her womb. Putting a hand to her belly, she wondered what had come over her… why she’d offered herself to the Prince so easily.

And, just thinking about it, she couldn’t help her fingers from delving into her cum-stuffed box, eyes glued to the green flesh humping against the royal lord.