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[Public | TiTS] Crash Landing!

Art by: Adjatha

New month, new content ahoy! Now that the content engines are churning once more, we can plunge forward into really digging into the meat of Dhaal… and some shark-girls (soon…)

Since B’s Frostwrym & Nykke expansion is one of the highlights of this month’s public patch, it’s a good time to mention that he has his own game as well: Equivalent Exchange. Asset Theft is a core gameplay component that I don’t usually go for, but it’s really, really well done. New additions apparently include adaptive bust art, an improved character creator, and a new oral-centric futanari character.

TiTS 0.8.106 Changelog (Image Pack – Requires Stand-Alone Flash Player):

  • A new location has been added to Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Run by a group of somewhat stranded pirates, you can wet your whistle and more besides. Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • There is a mechanic where the staff will warm up to you over time as you become a regular. The game tracks this by measuring visits across a protracted timespan  (~day).
    • This is a huge project (three digit pagecount), so it may come with a pile of bugs to sort out. Slap ’em on the bug report forums, and we’ll get them handled for the next patch.
  • Bug fixes follow: Sabrae actually charges you for implants now.
  • The “safe” square at the entrance to gabtown can no longer proc hostile encounters.
  • Amazona can no longer award you a perk you don’t qualify for (and immediately lose after gaining.)
  • You can no longer visit Thare plantation before unlocking the Zil Codex entry.
  • A number of enemies had attacks adjusted to account for airtight armors.
  • The combat tail now displays on the appearance screen.
  • Prostitute Pro should now properly award the energy gains it displays.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller fixes like properly counting one of Anno’s scenes as a sexual encounter.

New This Month: 

  • New Dhaal NPCs: Rivet, Gwon.
  • A Nykke & Frosty expansion where they can move in together for maximal Frostwyrm fun, including some fun new savicite toy scenes.
  • A Kimber expansion featuring four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest.
  • New threesomes for sleeping with Anno & Shekka.
  • Five new Gabilani Chemist scenes, some with branching endings.
  • Liliana panty gifting event.
  • New Shekka blowjob scene.
  • New busts: Huskar Erra, Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian Cboy, Focalor.

[Backers | TiTS] Oral Offerings and Threesomes

I will probably drop the public patch tomorrow, assuming no game-breaking bugs, so be sure to pound the hell out of the game tonight and line up any bugs for me tag tomorrow, ‘kay?

Also coming soon: writing time on Azra mom-dom stuff (as part of a reward for the RPG4TG fundraiser), and writing time for Feruze’s contribution to Dhaal’s main questline.

0.8.105 Changelog:

  • The gabilani chemist’s oral path now has options for vagina-toting PCs and rimming. (William wrote them, Fen coded.)
  • If it is possible to sleep with Anno & Shekka, you can now choose “Both” from Anno’s sleep with option. (Previously it was only available in Shekka’s menu.) Additionally, if you are sleeping with Shekka and Anno and tell Anno not to sleep with you, it should preserve Shekka as your bed partner.
  • There is now an Anno & Shekka threesome event that can proc in the mornings. Calling it a threesome really does not do it enough credit. The dom path scene is basically a whole pile of scenes, and there’s a lovely option for getting pounded by a penis-equipped Shekka as well. (Written by William, coded by Fen.)
  • The lovely picture I got from Sulcate (at right) is finally in game in the art pack as part of the L.H.D. loss scene.
  • Fixed an issue where older saves could have Loreleis with incorrectly set sexual preferences that displayed as errors when using the “Sense” action.
  • A few other small fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Mating Presses and Mating Pressers

Yesterday basically imploded into itself, but today is all about slutty clothing and some new scenes for the chemist. Enjoy!

0.8.104 Changelog:

  • Two new victory scenes for the gabilani chemist are available: oral (get BJ), and mating press. Both authored by William, then coded by yours truly before Will had time to give them an edit pass. I’m fairly certain he’s poring through it now, but I feel bad enough about not patching yesterday already. Soon!
  • New clothes at GabMart Threadz: Assless “Butt Boy” Boxers, Ephemerobe, Glossy Zebra Print Panties, Hexweave Dress, Latex Egg Panties, Lumisuit, Lycra Briefs, Mating Pressers, Purple Cow Nursing Bra, and X-Strap.

[Backers | CoC2&TiTS] The Rift Widens!

More encounters for the new zone, and some fun friendly times for the trappy buzz-boy after clearing the Hornet Hive!

0.3.13 Patch Notes:

  • New Glacial Rift encounter: Wraith-Touched Chimera (Written by Gardeford)
  • New Glacial Rift encounter: Corrupt Cultists (Written by TheObserver)
  • Prince Nyze now has a sexpack for repeatable interactions, plus a new PC pregnancy! (Written by BubbleLord)
  • Notification now displays if your custom PC icon isn’t viable.
  • Mucho bugo fixo.

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[TRIALS IN TAINTED SPACE] Fen here, parasitizing myself onto the CoC2 bois’ post to hit you all with some quick bugfixes. Tomorrow I’m going to be trying to unfuck some damage to my sleep schedule, so probably just going to be fixing bugs if anything. Be sure to scream into the bug reports if I broke something new!

0.8.103 Changelog:

  • Tweaked Nuki Nuts and Honeypot perks so that their growth effects won’t go crazy while making small movements around the map (unless you have a TON of juice in your gut.)
  • Added current liquid volume displays to the various “Orifice Filled” statuses.
  • Nuki Nuts and Honeypot both now cause liquid in the stomach to be consumed at a much accelerated rate.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in NPCs with “placeholder”-style stat blobs never ejaculating less than 1.5Ls.
  • Fixed Nevrie not actually having any sexual fluids.
  • Fixed some bold bleeds in Vi’s remove parasite options.
  • Fixed a ton of small typos and issues in the battle for Korg’ii Hold.
  • Fixed Olympia calling Doctor Teyaal by the wrong name.
  • Fixed a logic tangle in a Shizuya scene.
  • Fixed gabilani (goblin) encounter rates on Dhaal so the cyborg is as common as the chemist.
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop in a gabilani chemist loss scene.
  • Fixed some typos in the Shade/Amara stuff (and missing busts).
  • Fixed some code that was eating several log notifications – especially emails unlocked while exploring Uveto.
  • Fixed Erra x Anno threesomes using the wrong Erra bust.

[Backers | TiTS] Gabbin’ & Gobbin’

Focalor will sell you new content for the low low price of half of your Steeletech shares. It’s a Steele!

I’m back from backlog hell, and here with a new patch featuring some new scenes and items I wrote myself!

0.8.102 Changelog:

  • Three new win scenes for the gabilani chemist: tail docking (with 3 sub-variants), over-endowed “hyper” fun (with a possible extra ending), and some good ol’ fashioned face riding for the lady-types. (More on the way, including some sex scenes for PC’s with normal sized male endowments. Don’t worry!)
  • A new NPC shopkeeper is available on Dhaal to sell you some fun outfits. Currently she only has six items available, but I have plans for some more on the way, including some fashionable party wear in case you need to attend a shindig with Dhaal’s upper crust…
  • New busts: Huskar Erra (+Big Boobs), Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian cuntboy, and of course, the one and only Focalor.

There’s some bigger submitted works coming from community coders to look forward to as well. I’ll also be re-opening event submissions in a limited way this coming week too. Progress ahoy!

[Backers | TiTS] Fuck My Brain (Small Fix)

I promised a bug fix patch last night and didn’t deliver. That’s on me and my shithouse brain with a memory made of swiss cheese.

0.8.101 Changelog:

  • Kimber’s boob worship should no longer cause a crash.

[Backers | TiTS] Kimberrrr

Frogapus made the cutest picture of Fentaur trying to work on a teensy little 13″ laptop… and can anyone actually use those comfortably? They’re awful.

What’s new? Well, we have two pages of plans for an extended tutorial dungeon that’ll take place on the way to Mhen’ga to hopefully better introduce a number of the game’s more complicated mechanics (and give a bit more sci-fi “taste” before dumping the game into a jungle full of primitives). The TL;DR version is that something goes wrong on the way to the gate, and you have to land at the closest “abandoned” mining platform and scrounge a part for repairs. Of course, it’s never quite that simple….

Now on to ze patch!

0.8.100 Changelog:

  • Kimber’s expansion is live! Four new items to give her, four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest to go along with it! Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • Known issue: one of her sex scenes currently has a crash bug. We’ll have an update to fix that before I clock out tonight.
  • A bunch of Shekka BJ fixes. Sorry about those!
  • Some various typo fixes sent in to me got fixed.
  • Various other small fixes.


[Backers | TiTS] I Got 99 Problems, but TiTS Ain’t One.

Rivet will see you now…

Whew lads, I am friggin’ exhausted from helping to run the “RPG4TG” event for my friend Jojocite. We smashed past the more than $7,000 goal for her surgeries with panache and style, and it only took turning myself into a sleep deprived zombie to do it! Someone donated $500 during the stream to get me to write Azra mommydom, I hear, so pending final accounting from Jojo, that’s probably going to be coming on the way this month.

At the same time, I’m pleased to announce that some of the approved backlog is coming to bear fruit in new patches like the one below!

0.8.099 Changelog:

  • The Nykke x Frosty expansion is now live (Written by B, coded by DrunkZombie). This includes: introducing Nykke to Frosty and getting her moved in, new scenes for using savicite cockrings/piercings, new talk topics for Nykke, new three ways, support for impregnating Nykke and being impregnated by her, and probably a few others bits I’ve failed to enumerate here.
  •  It is now possible to get given Liliana’s panties (coded by Whimsalot).
  • New Shekka blowjob scene (Written by William, coded by Gena138).
  • New NPC on Dhaal: Rivet. Can you follow the clues to find her? She’ll sell you some new weapons and armors. (Written by Skom, coded by Gena138)
  • Assorted typos and bug fixes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and congrats to the CoC2 guys on their successful Steam launch!

D&D For… Transitioning? 3: This Time It’s Respectable

Before I get into the aforementioned title, quick TiTS update: The Love Starz got approved, and I’m 100 pages through Slab Bulkhead’s bar for Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Gedan’s been a busy dragon, working on porting items and NPC character data for the JS conversion and reports being roughly halfway through the transformation items.

Now those who are long time members of the community know that forever ago we got together to stream D&D for an extremely long time on twitch (uninterrupted!) to help raise money for a transgender community member by the name of Sinarra, to afford her up-top surgery. We didn’t quite make it to the goal but did provide her with a solid start on the way to true boobaliciousness. Later on we did a second fundraiser, and this time we smashed past the goal. Sleep exhaustion was defeated. Breasts were funded. We slept as happily and deeply.

An interesting footnote is that in the span between the first and second fundraiser, I became romantically entangled with Sinarra, and years after, I wound up proposing to her and taking her as my wife. Crazy how life goes sometimes. Now the time has come to help out another friend (and just friend this time!), Jojocite. I’ve known her nearly as long – long enough that she used to play Team Fortress 2 back with us from time to time years and years and years ago. Long enough to marvel at the metamorphosis she’s already going through.

I’m happy to report that I’ll be GMing a game Saturday morning to help during the fundraiser, and offering a TiTS/CoC2 (if they’ll take it) scene commission to whoever donates the most during my block. I’m also going to be playing in Adjatha’s game and Alkahest’s as well. If you’d like to come laugh at my terrible in-person roleplay and comically incompetent characters, please do. You won’t have to do anything but watch, but donations will be welcomed.

And Jojo isn’t just some random pleb off the street. She’s a talented artist in her own right whose works are helping to greatly shape Dhaal going forward:



[Public | TiTS] Small Improvements

This month has been underwhelming for personal throughput, but there are some nice changes in this patch. I’d like to promise that I’m ready to climb back in the saddle and start banging the hammer on some new Fen-written content and personally slap things into code, but the backlog looms eternal.

Right now I’m on page 213/230 of the Love Starz (a k-pop style band with three interesting girls), but my brain actively rebels from the idea of sandpapering it against more smut. There’s still hundreds of hundreds of pages of stuff behind it, but it’s harder and harder to keep my focus on this every time I try. For the first time in maybe 10+ years the sexual stuff is the least interesting part of my job (a matter of personal taste and feeling, not a judgement on quality necessarily.)

I’m not entirely sure how to handle that.

I am going to hard close event submissions for now. If they re-open, it will likely be in a much more limited form with no guarantee of feedback. I’m going to have to be more picky with my time and likely be less thorough with projects that are on the edge of acceptability.

Image Pack here (requires stand-alone flash player).

0.8.098 Changelog:

  • New alternate Frosty bust by DreamerOfTheBlue.
  • Bold text should now use a bolder font than it used to for better visibility.
  • Shou’s in-game representation should now have bust art, by Shou.
  • Gena138 coded a small Exhibitionism expansion for Erra (written by HugsAlright)
  • Korgonne offspring now have some interactions available, written by Freed85 and coded by DrunkZombie.


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