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Submissions Closed [Mostly]

Hey guys. Submissions are kicking my ass still. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been talking about them repeatedly on the blog posts. From the 14th of this month on, we’ve had at least one new submission get added to the pile on a daily basis, which is making it damn hard for me to get current. I’m almost caught up to the 6th of this month though, sooo… I would be damn close if it wasn’t for the big uptick in submissions.

Because of this, I am no longer accepting submissions for new characters. New items and expansions for existing characters are all I will accept for the time being.

We’ve been real thin on patches while I’ve been trying to dig us out of this quagmire, and I’m not comfortable with that continuing in the long term. Once I’ve had some chance to do some actual game development again, I’ll see about tweaking the floodgates back open… but for now, let’s slow it down a bit.

P.S. I’m also waiting on new glasses. Reading everything in giant fonts makes me feel old. :/

Fenoxo Update

A quick update on my work – firstly, reviewing has been slow because there’s a number of things I’ve come across that are soooo close to being up to par that I’ve been trying to self-edit them. Additionally, I’ve had some content slide into my box via side-channels to look over as well, forcing me to delegate some of it to Adjatha and review the rest myself. A bit of good news, though: an excellently written “Faux Cow” path for the treatment sailed right through my review with flying colors. I’m honestly not convinced I could do it better.

So look forward to that, I guess.

Also, since the ship code has been going so slowly, I’ve started laying out plans for building a simpler system in the interim. It won’t contain the same ambition as the other system (which is NOT abandoned or anything). I just want to have things laid out so we can finally steal the Sidewinder and finish Zheng Shi’s main arc.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are approximately 20 pages more of treated male zil for me to review~

Additionally, a fan reached out to me to let me know that they were making their own game (though I don’t think with blackjack and hookers quite yet). It looks like he’s got a public build up on his Patreon if you wanna give another game a try! Check out Rimhaven!

[Backers | TiTS] Lorelei the Rogue & Breedwell Premium

Hey guys, Fenoxo here, back from FWA and clocking some hours on TiTS stuff. Before I get into the nitty gritty a few things. First, CoC2 has a public patch as of yesterday. See the post below.

As for the con itself, I shared a few odds and ends on twitter, but there was so much going on that I decided to start keeping a personal journal and clocked 2,400 words into this morning just to cover what I consider to be my personal high points. I could never hope to recount everything. Conventions are simply too intense, but as far as things I’m comfortable sharing… no, I did not join any furry orgies. Yes, I did eat at a restaurant with a giant dick in it. Turns out it also has pretty good burgers in addition to a ginormous wang. Yes, I got to see Mystery Skulls live and in concert as well as rave to a variety of furry DJs spinning EDM. The arcade was awesome, and no, furry cons are not comprised entirely of gay dudes. I saw quite a few girls prancing around wearing perky ears and flopping tails.

Every year I go there, I wind up having a blast, meet interesting people, and come back with an increasing appreciation for furries. The con has a unique, chill energy that I’ve never really experienced anywhere else – not PAX, not Gencon. Nowhere. I even got to meet Gideon, Pulsar Cardinal, Max Blackrabbit, Gnaw, Bernal, and so many others. I even got sketch commissions from some of them!

The panel went well of course. Thank you to everyone who attended! It’s super delightful to actually get to talk to people in person about the weird shit that we do and realize that there are real individuals who are actually interested in how this perverted pie gets baked.


0.7.280 Changelog:

  • Dane now has a scene for fucking taurs of any gender. Taurs no longer play the standard vaginal fuck scene.
  • Roo now has busts.
  • A new character has arrived in Zheng Shi: Lorelei. This cunning rogue may take a shine to player characters who court her favor. Written by B, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • Breedwell has received a “Premium” expansion pack, and it can be yours for the low low price of 2000 smutbucks, our new premium curren- hahaha no. Just kidding. It’s an expansion pack by Nonesuch, coded by DrunkZombie. I did not give it much personal testing, so apologies for any bugs that crop up.
  • This isn’t actually in game, but I got to the end of March’s submissions and slammed into a 150+ page brick wall. Hopefully once I finish slogging through this (or abandon ship and move on), it’ll be fast going again.

Furry Weekend Atlanta

I might not label myself a furry or have an expensive animal costume, but I am going to Furry Weekend Atlanta with a coterie of TiTS and CoC2 friends! We’ll be running a panel Friday night in the after dark area – which means we can talk about weens, how we write them, and even show the latest ween-doodles from Shou.

I haven’t checked with Shou to verify that she packed merch to hand out to attendees, but if she did, there will be some prizes to hand out as well.

So if you’re there getting your yiff on (or just wandering around in a drunken haze of confusion like me), feel free to come say hi!

P.S. Backlog progress continues at pace. I’ve reached march, and though these months are THICC with submissions, I intend to be caught up to this month by next weekend.

[PUBLIC | TiTS] May the Fourth Be With You

This isn’t a huge one, largely thanks to my efforts to clear the submission backlog and real life situations that had me riding the edge of a panic attack for a few days this week (cutting caffeine, back to back days of dental work, and getting a mortgage is tough). The good news is that I cleared through more than four months of piled up submissions and have climbed out of the 2018 backlog and into the 2019 submission pile. Last night I found a great new scene for the Male Punk SecOp, which was quite invigorating after having to reject more than 75% of submissions. Also of note: Mirrin has a huge expansion pack on the way. I’ve green-lit it pending the acceptance of a small mountain of edits.

Next weekend, you can find myself and most of the staff of TiTS and CoC2 at Furry Weekend Atlanta. If you’re in the area and wanna drop by to say hi, we will be putting on a little panel from 10:30 to 11:30 Friday night where we run through the history of how we got here and delve deep into what it’s like to work on these smutty behemoths, followed by what usually winds up being a lengthy Q/A and a “Name That Pokemon”-style game with merch for prizes.

0.7.279 Changelog:

  • A new encounter with a Slyveren toying with one of Rat’s Raiders can be found in the “prefab” tiles of the foundry. The event can only occur once every 4 days and has a few options for how you’d like to interact with it. Written by William, coded by Lighterfluid. Personally, it tickles the old Fenoxo fetish buttons pretty hard!
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks for Roxy.
  • Nova should now slurp you clean when you get covered with juices. This one is relatively untested, so let me know if you hit a bug with it (and maybe attach a save file to your bug report so we can jump on fixing it post-haste).
  • New Bust: Corona Lord Flamer (AKA: Firepup)

May is shaping up to be a great month. I’m going to get 100% caught up on the backlog if it kills me. Expect expansions for existing submitted NPCs, new Transformations, and hopefully me getting to delve into some of my own backlogged waifu quests.

What Else Is New This Month? (For Non-Backers)

  • New character: Roxy the Laquine (Uveto)
  • New enemy: Corona Lord Flamer (Zheng Shi)
  • New enemy: Lureling (Uveto)
  • More Dane content (Zheng Shi)
  • New Threesome: Amber and Celise
  • New Scene: Amber mounting bipeds with the help of taur toys
  • Not in game, but the blog has a new fiction entry by B featuring some imprisoned slyverens that is quite hot. Very hot.

Where Fen?

I’m still working through reviewing Mirrin, but at least I’m well past the 100 page mark. There’s a few factors slowing me down:

  • Dealing with a lot of stress related to trying to buy a house. Turns out that banks hate people with all their bills paid off and no debts, which has me scrambling to provide them with various bill payment paperworks and still trying to get a mortgage approved. (I currently live in a medium-sized apartment and would rather not empty the TiTS bank for my own personal house :P)
  • Tomorrow I am having some dental deep cleaning done which will require a fair amount of pain killers and whatnot.
  • The day after tomorrow I’m having the other half of my dental work done. Supposedly I’m not cavity riddled – there’s just a lot of tartar buildup to deal with around/under the gum line.
    • Protip: get your regular cleanings, folks.

I’m gonna try and do some more reviewing now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get that far. My nerves are basically shot. Thanks, anxiety, you bitch.


[Story | TiTS] Then That’s What That Meant

Fen Update Note: Still reviewing. Latest reading project is a 170+ page expansion for Mirrin. Almost caught the last submissions from the end of 2018.

By: TheLetterB
Tags: F/F, Cunnilingus, Tribbing, Power Bottoming, Mind Control, Hyper Breasts, Role Reversal

It had been a couple of days since the U.G.C. had intercepted that one shipment of slaves bound for known pirate territory.

They had received an anonymous tip from someone claiming to have been to the asteroid known as ‘Zheng Shi’ that a ship containing slaves bound for the pirate base would be at a very specific set of coordinates.  And it was true: an unmarked cargo ship was in the area, travelling in that direction, and onboard were more than three dozen captured slaves of all races, from humans to Ausar to Saurmorian and everything in between, detained and placated by their Slyveren captives.

Last Avery heard, the U.G.C. were still sorting out the slaves and helping them get back to their home territories.  She, meanwhile, had the ‘pleasure’ of processing the Slyveren.

Sometimes, she felt like she should consider it a gift: you’d think being a guardswoman in a place like Gastigoth would be full of tension and drama.  It’s a prison! That alone should be enough to make some of the more hardened veterans balk at the idea of working there. But Gastigoth wasn’t just any prison – it was a space station, meant to detain only the most hardened of criminals!  Even if one of them got out of their cells, where would they escape to?

But that was just it.  Gastigoth was an impenetrable bubble of a prison: once you’re in, you’re not getting out.  None of the inmates had the balls to try anything untoward, and even if they did, the prison had… methods to keep them docile.  You had the occasional rough-houser, of course, but generally they were all either too smart, or too doped up, to try anything stupid.

It made being a guardswoman at such a high-profile prison boring.  Can you imagine that?  Being a prison guard was boring!

Luckily, she had the ‘pleasure’ of booking the Slyveren that had been detained in the raid.  It was a break from the monotony, maybe, but it was also paperwork. And none of them even put up a fight.

There was one Slyveren in particular that Avery kept thinking about, though.

[Backers | CoC2&TiTS] Double Patch Monday

Hi friends! CoC2’s backer patch has a new enemy I wrote long ago (salvaged from Fall of Eden, rest in puppers). More importantly, it’s got a significant combat code refactoring — mostly under the hood changes to let things like on-hit effects and ripostes work properly. Drake worked hard on it, so give it a spin!

CoC2 0.1.18 Patch Notes:

  • A new enemy is encountered in Harvest Valley — the Moth Girl Thief!
  • Garret can now be challenged to drinking contests (by Tobs)
  • Kas has a new victory option in her 2nd encounter for giving her a blowjob. Don’t get TOO overzealous in worshiping her…
  • Combat code refactor is in. Please direct bugs to the bug report section.

If you want to rub on some moth-tits early, grab your backer status here!

Fenoxo here! Those sniffles I had last week? They ain’t shit. I actually got a good amount of project reviewing done, though there are still several months of submissions to surf through before I’ll be happy with the length of the review queue.

TiTS 0.7.278 Changelog:

  • New Character: Roxy the Laquine. She can now be encountered at Uveto’s racetrack (though only at certain hours). Written by: SheepPun & William. Coded by: Drunk Zombie.
  • Typo fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Lureling Dane Love

Short splash for this one since CoC2 just dropped their latest public patch (and I don’t want to Steele their thunder. Dohohoh!) If you wanna see what’s new in TiTS, you’ll just have to click…

[Backers | TiTS] Flaming Flamers, Batman!

Kiro without her trademark extra anatomy still looks delicious… Pic by venusflowerart.

0.7.276 Changelog:

  • A new enemy can now appear on both levels of Zheng Shi’s forge deck: the Corona Lord flamer, or as we on the dev team refer to her as: firepup. She’s a violent sadomasochist with a bit of a fire fetish, and I personally would not recommend losing to her if you don’t care for being degraded. If you do, well… I guess you’re a bad boy/girl.
    • Written by Wsan
    • Coded by lighterflud
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

At the time of this post, I’m mid-stream. What follows is going to be some work on additional Dane scenes, assuming my brain is up to the task.

(Psssst: $10+ Patreon backers have a new post up with the last two months worth of full rez arts. Enjoy!)


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