0.7.44 Changelog:

  • Many stories added to the game as rare drops on different planets.
  • Mhen’ga: BXBI (I & II), Satyr Slave
  • Tarkus: |||||||| and Fuck the System
  • Myrellion: Captured By The Demons, Fuck the System, and another drop chance for Satyr Slave (whynot).
  • I also just realized I never gave Kotep’s “Becoming One of the Girls” a drop chance. We’ll fix that up next patch. All stories should come with links to their author’s blog of choice and permission for use in game has been attained.
  • Rudimentary resistance display has been added to the sense display menu.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

When is public patch? SOON. By which I mean likely this Friday night. I would say Thursday night, but I have a previous engagement to tend to.