Fentaur by Mr.Pink

The wife is going to bed, and my work computer is in the bedroom, so I’ve got to push this out before Geddy gets me Syriquest merged in. Oh well! Additionally, the path for sneaking up with a shipment of slaves needs a small revision or two that I’m waiting on Savin to address before I can move with that. I wound up working up a map for the “forge” level of Zheng Shi and getting the elevator working with some placeholdered areas before rolling onto coding Wsan’s Forgehound enemy. It’s a pretty decent-sized beastie, but hopefully I can have him together tomorrow nightย  (along with Syri’s stuff). Ciao!

0.7.191 Changelog:

  • The last chunk of the Zheng Shi mines has been rolled into place. There are still a few smaller details to populate the mines with, but we’re going to be moving on soon.
  • The spacesuit in Zheng Shi can now be assembled and used to spacewalk out into the void.
  • A new fight! The excavation bot can be faced during the aforementioned spacewalk.
  • A new rare drop on Zheng Shi – Geddanium ring piercing! Put it on anywhere in order to take more damage from and deal more damage to a target.
  • The Zheng Shi slave uniform can now have its zipper adjusted to reveal body parts for easy access!
  • New Items: Slutty Jumper Jumpsuit and Jumper Jumpsuit! They can rarely drop from the Bored Jumper enemies.
  • Maike’s maximum lust has been raised to 125.