0.7.74 Changelog:

  • Krym the Stormguard Valkyrie has been added to Uveto. Her camp can be found out in the wilds, complete with unlockable fast travel point (assuming you can beat her 3 times in a row). She might be tuned a little TOO hard for a level 9 enemy right now. Feel free to let me know in the comments!
  • “Low Blow” can no longer stun robots without genitals. No more crotch-kicking turrets to stun them!
  • New Item for sale in the Entite: Whiff-o-Wisp, a trippy but amusing little item.
  • New busts: Shelly by Adjatha, Cruff by Shou, Female Raskvel by JayfireGrowlithe. (Krym already has a bust too!)

Considering the next thing on my submission backlog is 260 pages (Paige), so I think I’m going to keep poking at my employee backlog for a bit and tackle the space jail next. Wooo!

Fen out!