0.7.92 Changelog:

  • All three stages of Azra’s Tarkus expedition should be done and good to go, including some lovely trapstuff I got Nonesuch to write. Word is, he’s going to do some more. I can’t wait!
  • There’s some spicy stuff for boys and girls on the return to the ship as a bit of a reward. I also gave plenty of chances to nope out, if Azra isn’t your thing.
  • Upgraded the phallus selection router I introduced with Gastigoth to be more versatile. It is used for the repeatable “Hyper Docking” scene follower Azra can unlock. It should now report on ineligible members as well as why they are ineligible (presently restricted to “too large” and “too small”).
  • Replaced “thicc” with “thick”. In silly mode, “thicc” has been replaced with “THICC,” for maximum EXTRA THICC.
  • Various fixes and tweaks, many related to Sera and courtesy of Jacques00.

As mentioned previously, there’s still a lot of work to do! I’ll try not to repeat my last post too much:

  • I need a first time scene for folks too hyperphallic to fit inside.
  • Repeat variants of first time male and female scenes.
  • Coding slutshrooms, writing motherhusks, and writing spunkshrooms.
  • Azra bunk-crashing penis-wielders.
  • Tweaks and adjustments to all her existing talk scenes for the new relationship status.

At right: the result of wayyy too many motherhusks and a raskvel, drawn by Adjatha.