It’s the weekend, so as usual I don’t have much time to look/post here, but I wanted to toss out a quick update on where I am:

  • The second encounter of Azra’s quest is coded and functional with two different puzzles and a multi-foe fight with turrets possible.
  • The third encounter is mostly coded but pending a few scenes I’ve commissioned from Nonesuch to be slotted in. I was burning out and I thought it better to lean on someone who could bang out some good trap stuff while I did Azra’s sexytimes
  • I roughed out some post-quest resolution stuff including a first-time sex stuff for Azra.

Still remaining to be tackled:

  • Coding Nonesuch’s scenes, once complete.
  • Linking together the post-quest resolution chain and coding the last sex scene.
  • Fully testing the Third part of the actual quest.
  • Enabling a repeatable sex menu for Azra.
  • Porting the first-time scenes in to be reusable.
  • Coding the scene I wrote for repeatable hyper-sized folks.
  • Coding one new consumable item: slutshrooms and adding them to the rare drop  table for Tarkus.

Remaining writing needs:

  • First time variant for hyper folks. This might get cheesed away via some tweaks to the existing scene with a reference to some elasticizing lube.
  • A scene for Azra crashing your bunk if you don’t sex her for a  long enough time, culminating in morning sex. (Morning sex was part of the initial request.)
  • Writing texts for Motherhusks and Spunkshrooms, the other two items recovered during this adventure.