The endless charge of Alright Hugs continues! Seriously, I’m not sure how many more things in my message backlog are from him, but goddamn, dude.

0.7.39 Changelog:

  • New encounter on Uveto Station – the Sub-Tuner. It’s a collar you can find laying out that leads to some petplay stuff.
  • Two new masturbation options for those with phallus-tails.
  • “Anti-Grav Jock” added to the game. No, it isn’t a football player in anti-gravity boots.
  • Tweaks to the hip descript and buttdescript parser. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ran across “You have curvy quarters that make you go with a sexy, swinging gait” in the appearance screen and nearly died. Needless to say, calling hips “quarters” is gone, and “go” shouldn’t show up there any longer.
  • Follower Anno can now sell a weapon that does cold damage after the PC hits level 5.
  • Two of the Offbeatr custom PC names have been added to the game.
  • Various fixes and sundry tweaks.

Futa variant of Erra commissioned from DCL to annoy HugsAlright >:3