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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Snakes, and Titjobs, and Lions, OH MY!

Xalt on the forums did a lovely rendition of my minotaur character! Thanks!

There are still a few changes I want to make to Lion-Os – things like setting your fur color or removing reptilian genital slits, for example, but I think it’s well past time I let you all play with what we’ve been working on. It’s a true shame that you all had to wait so long to touch this mess. Hopefully there’s enough meat on the bones of this patch to make it worth the wait!

Image Pack available for everyone this time! (Note: requires standalone flash player.) Further image pack releases will be backers-only for the rest of the month.

0.8.078 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bold bleed.
  • Fixed a Lion-Os crash related to trying to use vaginal wetness to reference a specific vagina. driestVaginalWetness -> driestVaginaIndex should fix that!

0.8.077 Changelog:

  • A new transformation item is available in Jade’s shop: Lion-Os! This is the ideal transformation item for anyone that wants to look like a sexy lion-anthro and feel sexy doing it!
  • Dhaal’s landing zone has been more fully described. A few locations were moved or adjusted as a result (and to improve consistency with the first time landing text).
  • Dhaal gained another taxi station.
  • Nonesuch’s “Bizzy Flatpack” expansion is now live! Personally, my favorite Bizzy stage is the next to last one, but if you like small tiddy kitties, this is the expansion for youuuuu~! (Coded by Gena138)
    • Nonesuch wants me to remind you that you can reset Bizzy with “backinbizzness” as a cheat code.
  • A slyveren has been added to Cherry’s Taphall for those who like it… snake. (Written by William, coded by Gena138)
  • Vahn can now received titfucks from the PC! (Written by William, coded by Gena138)
  • Stealth Field now raises your evasion cap for the duration of the effect by 40. Previously the ability became fairly useless for high level characters near the evasion cap already. It should now be more useful and powerful, capable of making you unable to be hit by any attack that can miss using the standard “combatMiss” function family. (Note that enemies with bonus accuracy will be able to counter this, though there are currently astonishingly few with an accuracy bonus.)
  • Teasing for max damage now applies the “Charmed” status, which should make your next tease a guaranteed hit. (Coded by Gena138 & Me, the Fenoxo!)
  • Foes on Mhen’ga now drop credits, though as a consequence, Burt isn’t buying their items for quite as much.
  • Minimum and Maximum height for your race should now display at the height selection during creation.
  • Disarming Dane now has actual benefit.
  • Using ReductPro no longer uses two of them.
  • Kase’s fanfiction story discovery event should only occur 10% of the time if eligible instead of 100% of the time.
  • Quests on Mhenga should now have objective markers appear on the map.
  • Iyla’s sex scenes got checks to make sure you have the proper genitalia.
  • The “Leave” option when encountering a Mango was moved to slot 14 so that pressing “space” can quickly allow you to leave.
  • Choosing not to pick up a Mango disables chances of finding them for 48 in game hours.
  • Finding a mango now resets the encounter chances.
  • Carl’s quest is now on the bounty board in Esbeth.
  • Carl’s talk buttons now use the button disabling functions instead of simply vanishing.
  • Fixed Ardia having 0 femininity in older saves.
  • Whoring at Beth’s has been updated to make use of the changed tease skill system.
  • Lots of other fixes, especially for “bleeding bold” text that make everything bold until you restart. (One of those fixes for the slyveren wall-girl didn’t get merged in before I pushed this >.> )

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[Backers | CoC2] For What Profits It If…

As of this patch, you can now sell your soul for fun and profit to our Lord and Savior Keros. Become THE FLUFFIEST. And of course, Mayternity continues to provide juicy breeding potential~

0.2.47 Patch Notes:

  • You can now become a Kitsune, with a little help from the Trickster God. Available after completing Nakano’s metal mission. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • If you’re an elf with a fertile puss, Hashat can now knock you up in a special encounter. (Written by SomeKindofWizard, coded by Leykoss)
  • If you have big, milky titties you can now give the manticore girl a big milky titfuck! (Written by Strawberry Tea, coded by Leykoss)

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p.s. I’m about 10,000 words into Companion Arona. Winter City is… somewhere… in the code pipe, and Tobs is starting work on the next explorable zone to be implemented after that. I’m gonna be in the companion and side-dungeon mines for a while, though!

[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Begins!

Don’t worry, there’s also PLENTY of content coming down the pipe for those of you who aren’t super into breeding — but we do have a lot of pregstuff coming, too! Let’s start off with some mini-orcs…

0.2.46 Patch Notes:

  • Hretha can be knocked up as part of any scene that ends with her taking a load in the puss, and all her scenes should account for her growing belly in various ways.
  • For those of you not interested in breeding the orc, she’ll now take it up the butt.
  • The tutorial’s been reworked slightly: the 2nd encounter has been changed, a couple new items are available, there’s a brief new scene with Cait, and all the generic enemies got debuffed so you miss way less often (RNG depending). Also, everyone in the tutorial aside from Cait has a new bust!
  • You can go on a date with Brint! (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • Hirrud Grune shows up at the minotaur gate camp after you beat his ass. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • Brienne now gives oral to vaginas. (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • Sexual Stats now appear in the character sheet.
  • A new “Holiday Events” toggle is in the menu, letting you disable them outright, leave them seasonal, or set it so they can proc at any time.
  • New TFs: Titan Tea, Shortstack Stew (Written by Squirrelwagon, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Busts: Generic Cultists, Master Tollus, Kasyrra (all by Moira)!

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