Just touching bases on what’s up real quick before I go to bed. I kept putting off a new build and blog post because I wanted to get the last custom scene finished before putting it up. Buuut that scene is dragging. I wanted to do a highly variable scene where the PC can be gangbanged by like, five to seven different characters with different text. Because of this, writing is going a bit slower than normal (mostly from the resulting burn-out of writing seven ways to stick a penis in a vagina).

I don’t really do much work Thurs/Fri during the summer (my weekends are weeeirder than Cthulhu’s anus), but I might just push out a build tomorrow evening with some stuff Gedan coded… and wrote herself! Carnal Souls really missed out by not picking her up.

Let’s see, what else should I mention?

  • I’ll be attending Gencon Indianapolis this year. I might actually try to do some kind of meet up where we can get together and play some random party game. If it’s anything like the digital game nights, it would probably just wind up being me and one other person. We’ll see! Maybe I’ll even cosplay this year 😀
  • Breeding Season imploded. S-Purple pretty much killed it. I’m no expert, and I don’t want to write a big thing about it, but the gist I got from reading both sides is this: The project had shitty-sounding management. S-Purple was a dick for taking his toys and going home, even if his contract allowed it. H-Bomb is a dick for slapping S-Purple’s real name everywhere.
  • [Way More Upbeat News] Patreon accepts Paypal for adult projects again. Whee!

<3 ya’ll