Today I only got about 1,000 words of stuff written – all setup for catching Kally in a compromising moment (entirely voyeur, likely). I’ll knock out the scene itself tomorrow and then start in on the first time playing with Kiro and Kally after if all goes well.

Otherwise, I’ve been kind of nauseous and fatigued today, so after forcing myself to do some physical things, I didn’t have a lot left in me. I did handle some business stuff and got to touch bases with R4, who is apparently a big fan of CoC and TiTS! So cool! He’s an incredible artist for sure.

Speaking of artists, Renezuo, the guy that did the TiTS bestiary pictures back in the day, has thrown up his own paysite. So if anyone wants to support him drawing futa chicks and whatever else, that’s a good place for it. I hear membership also gets you access to Hizzacked’s site too (the artist we’ve lined up for our visual novel’s CGs). Now things are getting pretty incestual, yah?

Sorry for the light post. More to come sooooon ™.