kiroIt’s time to take the wraps off what Savin and I have been working on in secret for months – KiroQuest! Did you think that PC was too boring of a protagonist for the game? That the game’s intro was a bit too unusual and dry? Well, we agreed, and from this point forward, you’ll be able to play Trials in Tainted Space as the flagship character, Kiro. We’ve worked tirelessly under the hood to provide a whole new experience for those who want to live as the game’s best-written NPC, with new interactions for existing NPCs and whole new mechanics.

Old bust by Gats, Kiro/Anno sketch by Dsan!

Just a few of Kiro’s TiTS Quest can be found below:

  • Totally different experience in the Tarkus dungeon.
  • The game’s first SSD: Horsepoxia
  • Recruitable Jack/Jill questline!
  • Tracer’s over the shoulder victory pose has been replaced with something less suggestive.
  • dsan_kiro_annoNew combat mechanic: furious frottage – use your superior endowment to grind down the enemy’s resistance!
  • Be a leaf on the wind – two new ship combat encounters exclusive to Kiro’s storyline.
  • New, Kiro-only NPC followers: Dr. Badger, Embry, Sera, and Holiday!
  • Discover Kiro’s sister, Kira!
  • Lash Dr. Lash up and turn him into your personal slave.
  • Impregnate Saendra, Syri, and Kaede – don’t ask how. It’s a secret!