A certain long-lost digi-ausar, by Adjatha.

Since I’m going to be travelling most of tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to jump this out now rather than later! Regrettably we didn’t get the Slyveren Slavebreaker ready in time for this patch, though Wsan and I are pushing her towards being content complete with at least 4 win scenes, 4 loss scenes, and a bad end in the books.

I’ll be attending Gencon this weekend, so updates from me will be scarce. It’ll be up to Gedan, Savin, Jacques00, and Shou to keep the smutty engines burning and the hearthfire lit. Oh, and UpcastDrake! Can’t forget our friendly CoC2 guys! <3

0.7.199 Changelog:

  • A few fixes, most notably a crash in the Pollen Dance. Sorry!

0.7.198 Changelog:

  • Plenty of new content for Kane got put in, including wrestling for him and a bad-end Nonesuch (his author) has described as “juicy”.
  • Shekka can now remove the PC’s slave collars, if you want a free alternative to Urbolg.
  • Kattom no longer shows up on places he shouldn’t (Zheng Shi & the fields of New Texas).
  • Lots of fixes for Zephyr’s pregnancy content.
  • Fixed a bug with pierced tongue descriptions.
  • Fixed the crash everybody was talking about in one of Ardia’s scenes. Yay!
  • Agrosh’s bust should actually show up now.

New this month:

  • New busts: Ardia, Agrosh, Dr. Calnor, Schora, Akkadi Security Bots, Maike, Torra, and Valden
  • New NPCs: Ardia the Dzaan slave, Agrosh the Thraggen chief engineer, the Zheng Shi Forgehound, and lots of smaller NPCs as part of Syri’s quest!
  • New NPC updates: Zephyr impregnating PC’s expansion pack, Paige sleepy-time cuddles, and Syri Quest – a long adventure in a frozen Uvetan lab!
  • New quest updates: Spacewalking on Zheng Shi, and an expansion to the Plantation Quest for Mhen’ga – check out the Pollen Dance with Quinn!
  • New mechanic: Dzaan addiction.
  • New fast travel options on Zheng Shi for those who completed the spacewalk event.
  • New rare drop: Geddanium Ring, found on Zheng Shi.
  • New items: Jumper Jumpsuit and Slutty Jumper Jumpsuit, both dropped rarely by Bored Jumpers.
  • New power armor: You can now take Roz’s power armor away from her, disabling her but giving you the gift of badassery!
  • New holiday items: Red Rockets, available as rare drops when playing on the fourth of July. Some of the best transformation stuff I’ve written in a long time, in my opinion!

Honestly, we got a pretty decent content drop put out this month, but it could have been so, so much better. My personal goal is to get at least two more NPCs of Bored Jumper-level quality (written AND coded by me) put out in the next thirty days.