Hey guys, Savin here!

You may have noticed that something fuckey went down over on Patreon at the start of this month. I don’t know exactly what happened but there appears to have been a rash of declined cards and such across the entire site. If you pledged to CoC2 or to TiTS, Fenoxo and I would both appreciate it very much if you went and checked the page to make sure you didn’t get declined. Several hundred of you appear to have been affected by whatever bug hit Patreon and, especially in TiTS’ case, I don’t want people to get screwed out of their backer builds.

Thanks bras <3

Edit: It appears that, without telling anybody, Patreon switched from an American bank to a British one. That’s why a lot of banks are flagging your activity as fraudulent. GfuckingG Patreon.
Edit2: Everything should be fine for subscriptions going forward; only this month was affected. Just be sure to check your account and make sure you haven’t been auto-removed from any of your Patreon subs and everything should go back to normal if you need to re-up.