Welcome, public friends, to the next zone: the Frostwood! Also there’s some hot new orcish romance and Cait/Berry action for everyone!

0.2.20 Patch Notes:

  • New NPC: Ragnild, the orc blacksmith. Replaces Pavo at the camp after making Arona the chieftain. You can buy new items from her and, if you didn’t have sex with Infrith, date her. (By TheObserver)
  • New Berwyn/Cait Threesome. (By HugsAlright) Accessed from Cait’s menu after finding her in Berry’s room.
  • New TF: Lycanthorn. It’s like a Lupine TF, but more corrupt! 😀 Found by exploring the forest. (By Balak)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Region: The Frostwood, located north of the Alraune’s garden
  • New NPCs: Lady Evergreen, Senja Evergreen
  • New Enemies: Drider Queen, Kitsune Ninja, and Tanuki Witch
  • New PC Pregnancies: Drider Eggs, Tanuki
  • New Dream by Questy
  • Etheryn can be given better tits and booty via TFs!
  • New Busts: Zuzaan, Drider Queen, Shar, Anna, Azyrran, Thicc Etheryn, Lady Evergreen, Ragnhild
  • New Features: Fast Travel. In-combat character sheets. Perk list in character sheet. Better Brint/Brienne Combat

Art of Lady Evergreen by DCL!

Couple of additional notes: Some items moved around shop inventories, from Ivris to Evergreen. Also it’s possible to knock up Evergreen, but her pregnancy timer doesn’t advance currently so it’ll never really be noticeable in her repeat scenes. We’ll be filling out Evergreen once the Hornet Hive dungeon is finished with (soon).

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