Hey guys. I made the dumb decision to have dildos that you can use to unlock doors if you don’t have the requisite equipment… but that meant writing a scene for using a dildo on yourself. Since almost nobody in the community writes masturbation anymore (or toys), aside from Savin, it fell squarely on my shoulders, and I don’t take half measures.

That’s why despite intending to limit the scene to 5 paragraphs (with 1-2 bonus options), I wound up with 10 pages (5000 words). It was slow writing compounded by a few emotionally erratic days, but the result is a scene that SHOULD support dildos of any shape, size, or color – and also support dildos that can cum.

Here’s a small sample of things that have their custom paragraphs:

  • Gryvain vagina
  • Suula vagina
  • Multiple clits
  • Cock-sized clits
  • High/med/low libido
  • Size vs capacity
  • Heat
  • Heat + Dildo that cums (a few paragraphs for this…)
  • Rut
  • Knots and squirting and almost all possible combinations of those things.

Now if only we could get someone to write a scene for Savicite Dildos so Kiona can sell the one she was supposed to.

Much love,