A couple of much-requested preg paths were added this month, plus some very hot new NPCs — and now a little more love for Cait and Ryn, thanks to Will. Hope you all enjoy, and keep safe out there!

And hey, there’s a TiTS Public Patch released tonight, too.

0.2.44 Patch Notes:

  • Edit: Hotfix is up to stop Atani crashing the game, and make it a little quicker to become Berry’s sub.
  • New scene: Cait can eat your pussy out, with a Will-tastic number of variations! (By William, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Scene: Spoil Ryn like the princess she is (in bed). (By William, coded by Leykoss)
  • You can now throw the drinking contest with Takahiro if you’d have won. (By BubbleLord, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Dream: If you’ve met the sleepy snake, a cat-snake might appear in your dreams… (By BubbleLord, coded by Squishy)
  • New Bust: JinJin
  • Tweaks: The bust window is a little bigger now, and there a buttons to toggle the crosshair and map overlay.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now impregnate Brienne!
  • Berwyn can now impregnate you (once you become his sub)!
  • Cait can get egged by Hornets and the Drider when you lose to them in combat!
  • New Companion (kind of!): Kiyoko.
  • New NPCs: Half-Leothran Twins in Vari’s village, Horsecock Elf Boi in the Old Forest
  • New Scenes: Dom Brint Roughly, Kiyoko Seasonal Event, Kiyoko Marriage
  • New TF: Leothran
  • New CGs: Kiyoko Wedding, Kiyoko Seasonal Event
  • Tweaks: New reagent shop UI, Drider got nerfed a bit. Plenty of bugfixes.

P.S. The Winter City has made it into the code pile and I’ll be doing the final review pass on the Centaur Dungeon tomorrow too!

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