Last year we had a massive spook-contest with a massive spook-prize. This year, I’m going to do a smaller (but still spoopy) event where you can write something that gets in as a new dream sequence – and make a few bucks doing it!  The smaller format should result in quicker judging times and a very quick turnaround on coding the winners. Check out da roolz:

  • Grand Prize: $100, Judge’s Choice Entries: $50. Payout is done via paypal.
  • Entries should be written as a dream the player can experience while sleeping.
  • Entries should still be titillating in addition to Halloween themed. Despite the fact that there is a skeleton inside you RIGHT NOW, we don’t want to spoop it the entire way out of your body.
  • Entries should consist of no fewer than 500 words.
  • No more than two entries per author.
  • All entries are to be posted in this forum thread.
  • If you want to write stuff targetted for CoC2, I’ll potentially pay out for those as well. Choose the game you like!
  • Please submit your entry by the end of Monday the 22nd.

Now back to work for me. Sorry for the absence!