In celebration of the fourth of July and ‘Murrican freedom and fireworks and guns, have a public patch!

0.7.65 Changelog:

  • New character: Ushamee
  • Fixes: Combat API changes supporting Space Combat fixed for Ground Combat
  • Fixes: Piles of other stuff, as per

Changes since the last pubby build:

  • New bad end: Milodan losses
  • New busts: Many
  • New character: Azra
  • New character: Fisianna
  • New character: Chrissy
  • New item: Ovalasting implants for the Egg Trainer
  • New SSTD: Sneezing Tits
  • New scenes: Terensha+Reaha threesomes
  • New scenes: Anno+Gianna threesomes
  • New story: Stolen Goods
  • New story: Tentacle Trouble for Turned On Tanukis
  • Fixes: Bimbo TechSpecs should properly get bonuses to their ability intelligence checks
  • Fixes: Lots of other assorted stuff too small to mention
  • Enhancements: Goo armor has some options for exposure
  • Enhancements: Dumbfuck+Sneezing Tits interacts better