Azra’s first “expedition” is completely written and ready to code  at this point. I’ve also roughed out the start of the second one. I meant to get a blog post about it up Thursday, but I wound up getting dragged away, and Friday was an absolute mess – not that today is much better.

It’ll be a small two-fight quest (one-skippable) with two new loss scenes (one a bad-end), with the reward being some Suula smooches and a plant that uses some tweaked versions of Holli’s (from CoC) early scenes.

Her Tarkus quest is going to have more female foes and reward some plants that allow you to harvest some transformative fruit from time to time, but I’ll talk more on that as I get into working on it.

Sunday may see some progress done on it, but either way, look forward to Savin streaming our Corruption of Champions D&D game. I might stream it too, not  sure.

Gotta jet. Weekends for Fen are brutal. >.>