I hope you guys like curing Amber, because I picked up the tab on somebody else’s commission to get it done. Treat your ‘taurs well!

0.9.073 Hotfix:
  • Fixed an error in wettestVaginalWetness that would make the game self-destruct on Mhen’ga if you didn’t have a vajayjay.
0.9.073 Changelog:
  • [Backers] You can now cure Amber! Talk to her about [Cure] to start it. The quest is only half of the new content – there’s lots of post-cure content as well! Once cured, she has [Sleep With] and [Shower] options, as well as a new heat mechanic that will alter her behavior. She also will have hobbies as well! Written by Skom/AveryBirb/Moonkitten and coded by DrunkZombie.
    • Addendum: The codex questlog should have data for this, if you’re wanting to track your progress.
  • Jacques00 cleaned up the image manifest, hunting down typos and incorrectly labelled NPCs.
  • Ship fights should now occur at more planets. (Newer ones weren’t all set up to proc them!)
  • Radglow’s defeat-suck scene should restore HP properly. (Gedan)
  • Fixed inability to select “Auto” in the gender settings menu. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed appearance typos. (Jacques00)
  • Jacques00 applied lowercase-donkey’s fix for the wetness crash/bug in the creature object.
  • The ship purchasing menu has some bugs crushed, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • “Causes gravity over to become…” typo is all over now.
  • Fixed a crash in the Zaika Gunner’s AI when disarmed.
  • Gedan made some under the hood changes to improve auto-selected masturbation event handling.
  • Some Siegewulfe crashiness has been handled (Gedan)
  • Sleet Shaft got a staff icon. (Gedan)
  • You can no longer get infinite Sleet Shafts. (Gedan)
  • Fixed combat inventory not properly returning to combat. (Gedan)
  • Improved crash messages to track down some troublesome crash bugs. (Gedan)