Just a small one while I have a bit of time late at night. I meant to have this out Friday afternoon but lost 90+ minutes fighting with sublimeText script macros on my laptop, then wasn’t able to code Friday evening for personal reasons. Anyhoo, tonight I did get some code time. Enjoy the new scene.


  • Fixed a crash in the goo armor reference Jacques00 added to the double-goo scene during Azra’s Tarkus Expedition.
  • Added a new shower scene to Azra – Thighs&Frot. Needless to say, it’s for those too large to fit inside her.
  • Azra’s other shower options should now be appropriately size-limited.

Expect a public build to fall on Monday or Tuesday once I get at least one of Azra’s reward items added to the game. Afterward, I’ll take a small break to review more submissions and likely code the SubTuner expansion for backers… unless HugsAlright wrote something fucky in there…