0.7.86 Changes:

  • A point and level based method of assigning values to weapons has been determined and applied to most weaponry. Most weapons have received buffs as a result.
  • Based on the type of weapon – rifle, handgun, SMG, autorifle, LMG/Chaingun, etc, I’ve attempted to mold the stats for different archetypes. Pistols are crit monsters, rifles are accurate, chainguns are high damage and high accuracy but cannot crit.
  • Some weapons have received nerfs – lust weapons primarily. Lust defense has also been slightly nerfed, but likely not enough to please most people. This one might get reworked a bit down the line.
  • Melee weapons are mostly unchanged. I’ll be working on them in my few free moments tomorrow night and perhaps slipping you guys another patch to play with.
  • Uveto now has a basic weather system.
  • Savicite drops have been added to Uveto. Careful! When carrying Savicite, lust generates faster over time.