MrPink might have misunderstood my request for a slyveren dick growth scene, but I like how it came out, even if it doesn’t match the ingame scenes.

0.7.205 Changelog:

  • Added twelve new room descriptions (and some new rooms to hold them) on the Forge deck of Zheng Shi. Included is a room with a “Dong Designer” that has some upgrades your ship one doesn’t. Soon I’ll be adding the option to copy its firmware to your own shipbound one. (But not yet.)
  • Two new stories have been added as rare drops in Zheng Shi. Cow Stuff by Abe E Seedy and The Tower of Trials by Carol J. Links to their websites are included with the stories.
  • It is now possible to go back to Maike’s location after defeating her and choose to free the slaves.
  • A new rare drop has been added to Zheng Shi: an Urtanium Ring Piercing. While equipped, it makes your tease attacks more powerful against furry enemies but also makes you more susceptible to theirs.
  • Dialogue for Extrameet dates should be properly italicized.
  • Mhenga and Tarkus will now start dropping a small collection of generic piercings after all their rare drop stories have been found. These will probably move to a more liberal drop scheme or shop in the future, but I wanted to get some more options in fast.

0.7.206 Changelog:

  • Rare loot procs no longer occur 100% of the time. Whoops.