Wsan’s out of the office for a bit (and I just got back in today!), but luckily Rina’s in the coder’s hands — which means the last of the BriFam girls has opened back up for business.

You can check out the roadmap for the rest of MooHaus here.

0.6.23 Patch Notes:

  • Rina’s repeat content is now accessible in Bri’s village. (by Wsan)
  • Rina has a whole slew of sex scenes — I’m pretty sure she’s handily eclipsing the other two residents!
  • Rina also has a training arc for helping her get ready to compete at the city’s Colosseum.
  • The usual assortment of bugfixes and corrections 🙂

Please note that RinaPreg is *not* in yet. Right now it’s looking like the Colosseum itself’ll be capstone for Khor’minos. I think Wsan deserves a little break from the cow mines after this! He can write some dommy dickgirls, as a treat.

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