It’s my weekend, so I haven’t taken comprehensive pass through these reports, but I tried to file down some of the biggest rough points I’ve seen. Jacques00 hasn’t been tagging the bug reports like he has been in the past, so I’m going to make an effort to take a few swings at the backlog here and there.

0.7.193 Changelog:

  • Spitroasting Myrra now properly uses hardlight strapons.
  • Fixes Mhen’ga and Uveto texts blending together in one of Syri’s scenes.
  • You can no longer infinitely steal data for cash during Syri’s quest.
  • Several typo fixes for Syriquest.
  • Security robots can no longer respawn mid-fight outside of boss fights.
  • Several places where the company was referred to as “Hakon” have been corrected to “Haskarn”.
  • You can no longer move after proccing a security bot encounter on the upper floor of Syriquest.
  • New Bust: Calnor.
  • Schora and Calnor have both had a few nerfs applied that should make them less unfair.