Sorry we’ve been away for a little bit, but CoC2 is back with some more content this weekend! We’ve got our next mob in the game: Arona the orc futazon, accompanied by a gang of her tribeswomen all looking for some booty to pillage. Along with them, you’ll be able to fight alongside a preview version of the next companion, Brint.

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0.0.18 Patch Notes:

  • Arona and the Orc Warband have been added to the Foothills. You must be at least Level 3 to encounter them at the moment, and whenever you engage in a fight with them, you’ll be automatically joined by our next companion Brint the Minotaur (written by Wsan). Brint is a much-needed beefyboi for this encounter, and when he’s fully implemented, he should make low-level questing much easier. Note that there is a reverse-gangbang scene you can’t currently access until some TF effects are added in to increase Libido or cum volume.
  • A critical bug wherein Armor was rendered effectively useless has been squashed. Whoops.
  • You can flee from combat now!
  • Cleave has been changed to only do 100% damage/hit, rather than 130% with each hit. Arona and Brint both have Cleave and oh boy was that messy when they started using it against each other.
  • Mobile browsers should no longer cut off at the top (reminder that we only officially support Chrome and Firefox. Use other things at own risk.)

While you guys chew on this stuff, Drake and DCL are going back into the UI mines for the Journal (I think the questlog is the next thing, specifically) and I’m writing the orc dungeon that Arona will eventually lead off to before you can recruit her.

As a side note, for those of you struggling with the new fight (it’s a hard one!), keep an eye on the little colored gems in the top-right of each character’s card. That represents Threat, and the redder it is, the more likely a target is to be attacked. And that goes for your side and the enemy, so try and focus fire with your companions! Arona’s a tank, not a damage-dealer, so consider taking down her comrades before moving on to her. That’s worked for me, anyway!

Thicc amazon cock and balls courtesy of DCL.