So in a rather surprising turn of events, Steam has gone ahead and said we can actually list Corruption of Champions II on their storefront. No, really. It’s listed on Steam right now. Had to go through a couple rounds of adding more and more clothing to Kasyrra’s promotional art until they said it was okay, but the game itself is completely unchanged.

Right now the game’s available to be added to wishlists. The actual “release” into Early Access will probably be around the time of the next public patch, if all goes well. Here’s what you get:

  • Game will cost a flat ~$10.
  • It will auto-update with every public patch. NOT BACKERS PATCHES. Those are still for Patreon/Sponsus/Subscribestar backers exclusively. Yes, public updates will still be free here on, don’t worry.
  • You get cloud-saving.
  • As soon as Steam will let us, you’ll get trading cards and achievements.

If that sounds like a good investment to you, or you just want to help us meme our way to the Steam front page, adding the game to your wishlists apparently helps a lot with the algorithms and whatnot.

I know Steam’s been allowing lewd games for a while now but whew boy I’m still in a bit of shock that we’re here now. I totally understand if you don’t want to add literally CoC2 to your Steam library, but if you do go ahead and do it: thanks for the support <3