Hey guys! Fenoxo here. I’m not dead, nor am I just sitting around playing Overwatch all day or whatever the hot new shit is. As you may have seen on my twitter posts in between off topic rants, the backlog be a harsh mistress, but the end is in sight!

Since my last post, the following projects have been approved for coding:

  • Kimber expansion
  • A new scene for using too much “Yibb-Tstll’s Reflexive Lube”
  • Frostwyrm & Nykke polyamory expansion
  • Shizuya intro rework (though TBH, this is mostly options to skip some of the longer introductions).
  • Bhakar, a six-armed bear chef (pending adjustments to his race’s backstory for lore consistency)

I’m also now reviewing a 200 page space k-pop group submission from Fr0sty, author of projects like Extrameet, Tessa, and Narc. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting read.

Regular updates will resume once the backlog is cleared. I’m getting closer!

(And also we had a very good UI update meeting Tuesday. Jacques00 had some amazingly polished prototype images, and we have some potentially very exciting improvements that could come with the switch off of Flash.)