It really did. Some of you may have noticed the website looks a little different… and is missing all the content. Well, there’s a reason for that. Let me break it down:

  • Fen purchased dedicated server hosting from a company his friend recommended.
  • A new company bought out that company after a while, and Fen kept using them.
  • The new company decided to go out of business, and for whatever reason, the notification email got eaten by gmail’s spam filters. I don’t know why. I got invoice emails from them just fine.
  • Thus, when the servers were turned off and plugs pulled, I lost access to that server and everything on it.

So what’s the plan going forward, and why does this site look so ugly now?

  • We got a newer, better, stronger server. It should take a lot more to overload the site, and I have a gigantic data cap.
  • We’re going to rebuild We can make it better, stronger, faster, and with just as many onahole advertisements as before.
  • Note that the current wordpress theme is probably going to be changed. This is basically a quick placeholder while we get all the back-end pieces in place.
  • We’re upgrading to some better forum software. Word on the street is that they’re more or less up and running, but there is a ton of administration stuff to do to get them up to spec.

Maybe this time I’ll remember to backup the server more than once every two years. TL;DR: Old server got eaten by forces of Chaos. Building up a new one, powered by the forces of Slaanesh.