I couldn’t resist the WoW dungeon pun. I apologize for nothing.

I’ve just about hit 9,000 words in this scene, and I still have to write quite a bit more – namely text for a generic dude jumping in for sloppy seconds, orgasm blurbs for six different NPCs in your mouth, a brief interlude/epilogue where it talks about a bunch more people using you, and an outro. I figure it’ll easily pass 10,000 words by the time I’m done, but it should make for a highly repeatable scene. Seven different NPCs can get first dibs on your pussy and six on your mouth.

It wouldn’t be too hard to throw some more in if Savin or somebody gets crazy and wants to write some, but I imagine nobody else will want to run down this rabbit hole with me. It’s basically grown to the size of a combat NPC encounter. This is what happens when I overachieve on custom scenes!

I’m sorry this is taking me so long! Only slightly, though. I’ll try and drop a new build by Sunday for backers. Non-backers – keep waiting. New shit always comes early in a new month, but I know saying that won’t stop you from asking. I look forward to telling you to read in the comments section.

Love all ya’ll bras,
Fenny McNoxo