the mooest (1)Sup bras,

Surprising literally nobody, the Nursery’s been far and away the most popular vote on the poll. While the poll’s notย technically closed yet, I’m already mostly finished with a basic skeleton of the Nursery that should be code-worthy by week’s end. There will be a lot of room for expansion once that’s in, but it should give content authors the framework they need to start producing content for it.

I also recently put together some random events re: Anno appearing at various bars across the galaxy, added new Terensha talk scene that Fenoxo forgot to add to the changelog last time, and roped together edited versions of every Steph Irson episode the PC will be able to buy as on-demand video for later. Busy busy. There’s also that new foursome I wrote which Gedan’s hooked up, ready for next patch. So many puppysluts!ย The bad news is Geddy’s other shiny game project just went into super ultra crunchmode, so the code front might be a bit slower for the next little while.

Oh, and for those who didn’t catch it: I ran a very… special… two part Pathfinder event about a bunch of bimbo cow-girls going on an adventure (and guest-starring Shou and SomeKindofWizard — read Fen’s last post to see what she’s working on for us!). You can watch their hijinx on my YouTube (and grab the adventure notes off my little tip-jar Patreon <3).

Gift art of Hedrah’s bovine brawler, MooHiMe Alley by DCL.