Gednote: 0.6.40 is up on the play page now


  • Cleave should no longer proc on single enemies.
  • The Halloween mask event should no longer overwrite the Goo hair transformation.
  • Kelly’s attraction now caps at 100%.
  • The Treatment should now properly make hooved legs “furred”.
  • Fixed crotch teases going of twice at once.
  • Emmy will no longer forget who you are if you turn into a myr after banging her.
  • Fixed the fluidGem functions.
  • Concussion Shot now properly requires training to use.
  • Nyrea spawns have been adjusted.
  • Infected Myr can now drop Picardine.
  • Dr. Lash’s breast removal should now properly remove milk fullness bonuses to boob size.
  • Milk bonuses to breast size should now update every hour to clean up any improper values.
  • Lots of other typos and misc bug fixes.

I don’t have the keys to this server on my laptop, and my upload is slow as shit here anyway, so we’ll have to wait for Gedan to toss 0.6.40 into the public hopper to get it up here.

More work to come~