Hey guys, I’ve been waffling about putting out a patch ever since my last stream a little earlier in the week. We got a functional blackjack system up and running (though without a stripping dealer) and a new Aliss scene loaded up in the game that I wrote for her author’s birth-dizzle.

In addition to that, I’ve written 11 pages of Dane, almost all of non-sexual. It took all that to handle encountering him while also allowing an opportunity for some catharsis (and using the fact that you’re in a pirate casino to keep things from erupting into a full on combat encounter for the revenge-minded). I’m really enjoying fleshing him out a little and giving his personality a chance to breathe something besides “angry dogboi mercenary.” It’s my fervent wish that you guys enjoy the final product, though I’m cognizant that dommy characters (especially ones who have wronged the PC at some point) are often lightning rods for criticism.

There’s also some fixes for Jumper pregnancies in the code hopper coming along with a new scene for Kelly, I think. And maybe a new story piece for the Codex… I still have to read the story Gardeford passed me. My goal is to slip something out by Tuesday at the latest, even if it comes down to only having one or two smut scenes to go with Dane’s first content chunk.

Lastly – I’ll be out of town in the second half of this coming week for PAX East! I’ll try and share some moments with you all on here and twitter if anything fun happens!