Art of Jarl Talraed, who is NOT a valkyrie, by Moira

More Valkyries, now for everyone!

0.5.26 Patch Notes:

  • After finishing Lumia’s quest, you can find Valkyries out in the world and join them in their hunts (in the Rift, Frostwood, and Old Forest) for fun and smutty profit. (By Gardeford)
  • More bugfixes.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • After having met Annika (post GweyrQuest 3) you can enter the Palace of Light, Lumia’s personal domain, and help the goddess out with a problem that’s been brewing for a long time beneath her dawnlit halls. Comes with a new adventure and several new magic items to choose as your reward.
  • After concluding the quest, you can interact with Lumia herself, as well as the first of the new Valkyrie girls: Thrud!
  • Drifa has a small new expansion.
  • Several new busts for Lumia, her followers, and the guests at her quest.
  • There’s a new save system in place (for local saves). This may currently cause brief lag when bringing up the save menu or saving/loading, but should make local saves less likely to get wiped by your computer and has a number of knock-on benefits we’ll be exploiting soon (such as bigger custom portraits).

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