Bimbo buzzes and pretty elf princesses are on tap today!

Edit: Hotfix Released

Game should stop locking when talking to Rune. Also BK’s LeoCait and the new Ryn bust set have combat headshots to go with them!

0.4.5 Patch Notes:

  • The hornets in the Old Forest are now switched out with an updated version of the encounter after finishing the hive dungeon. (Written by TheObserver)
  • New TFs: Catmorphs (by Freed), Siorcanna (by Skow)
  • You can now tell the elf boi in the forest to go away forever.
  • Etheryn’s got a new bust series by DCL!

Check out what else has come around since the last public patch below the break. In the meantime:

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New Since Last Public Patch:

  • If you’ve built the Temple of Mallach and have romanced Kas past the Winter City, there is a new event that may trigger at the temple…
  • New NPC in the Mallachite Temple: Rune!
  • Atugia has a BUNCH of new sex scenes and talks!
  • You can now give Ryn a dildo or permission to seek out your companions for sexual relief.
  • New Undermountain enemy encounter: Kobolds!
  • New Undermountain enemy encounter: Minotaur Miners!
  • Senja now has much-expanded interactions if you chose to give her a smooch before!
  • Miko’s old scenes now fully account for her pregnancy.
  • There’s a new jotun/lupine Cboy in the Rift, who you can push towards different sexual arrangements.
  • The Wraith Chimera has a new loss scene
  • There’s a new scene for walking in on Liaden and Azzy, complete with a new CG.
  • New TF: Deer!
  • Salamander TF now gives cock types. New hairstyles for dreads and afros!
  • New Busts: Rune and Kobold headshots, Elementals, new Temple friend.
  • New CGs: Brint x Atugia by Moira, and Lyric gettin’ fucked by DCL, and another for Lady Evergreen’s sex menu (Done by Mr. Pink and Waru-Geli)!