We had a positively gravid Mayternity this year, but now it’s back to Khor’minos and building out the rest of the world rather than just your personal hordes!

0.5.2 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new milfy baker in Khor’minos who doesn’t know she needs a champion to loosen her up and get her in touch with her inner slut. (By Fleep!)
  • New Evergreen face-sitting CG by Reindonut.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • There’s been a MASSIVE combat rebalance. Read here for the details…
  • Aileh has a massive new pregnancy expansion
  • Several new Hethia scenes during Dog Days.
  • New scenes: Alraune Herald Cocksucking, Evelyn SPH (if you obey in her anal scene)
  • Zo can now be knocked up after doing all her training scenes. You can also upgrade her house.
  • Arona has a bunch of new scenes centered around her relationship and pregnancy, most notably a new romance advance in the Khor’minos bath house.
  • There’s a new marefolk futa in the bath house, complete with a harem you can join. She can also impregnate the PC!
  • New Busts: Klemaia. A full new set of Kasyrra busts, including a clothed version; new pregnant Aileh busts & preg variants.
  • New CGs: Tui in her fishnets and Aileh taking a bath by Akira, Daliza showing off her muff before you scissor by Morrya, Aileh presenting her egg.

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Elthara fanart by Bread from our Discord