A brief break from the normal Mayternity breedings to bring you some optimizations and a much-requested new feature. A LOT of people have mentioned that it’s a little hard to follow the flow of combat, so there’s now a mode you can turn on from the options menu that removes all the flavortext and concisely prints out exactly who used what on who, and what the results were.

It’s okay if you like that better, we only spent a lot of time writing all that flavor text Q_Q;

I kid, I kid. Whatever works best for you!

0.2.49 Patch Notes:

  • HOTFIX: A crashing issue with the new combat flow has been resolved!
  • Kohaku has several new sex scenes! (Written by TheObserver)
  • There’s a new option for streamlined combat text. Please report any bugs on the forum!
  • Significant performance improvements have been made to all of the menus and such. Inventory, Journal, Shops, etc. This should be most noticeable on low-end systems and mobile platforms, and should use less battery on those as well. Please report any bugs to the forum if you encounter them!
  • Plenty of other misc. bugfixes!

Full list of changes since the last public patch given after the break! In the meantime…

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New Since Last Public Patch:

  • The tutorial got a rework to make it less obnoxious and RNG-heavy. Also Cait can succ ur dicc if you drink a blue potion you find.
  • Also combat status effects are colored for ease-of-identification.
  • Sexual Stats added to character sheet.
  • New toggle for holiday mode(s).
  • New PC Pregnancies: Leothran Kits, Hashat (elves only lol)
  • New NPC Pregnancy: Hretha
  • New NPC: Grettel the Orc Amazon. Replaces Arona on the encounter table after her quest. Yes Arona companion is coming, I’m working on it.
  • New Scenes: Harpy Wingleader night-time facefucks, Manticore Milky Titfucks, Hretha Anal, Foursome with Miko/Mai/Kiyoko.
  • New TFs: Titan Tea Shortstack Stew
  • New Codex: Leothrans
  • New Busts: Everyone in the tutorial, even Kas.
  • New Brint/enne companion talks. New Brint date scene. Brienne now gives oral to vagina-havers. Brint can now milk PCs of any genital arrangement as long as you have milky titties.
  • Brint and Quin can now sleep with you at night.
  • New talk with Sanders about all the various gods.
  • Oh yeah and you can sell your soul to Keros for fun and profit.