Public patch time! The highlight this time is the Orc-themed dungeon from a couple patches ago, plus a new farm and a couple new NPCs!

Also of note: WE HAVE AN ANDROID DOWNLOAD! We’re still working out the kinks, so please bear with us, but they’re finally here. There are two known issues right now: Save/Load from File doesn’t work, and on some devices, the top of the screen may get cut off by the android status bar. Working to resolve them ASAP.

0.2.3 Patch Notes:

  • Hotfix: An issue causing a lot of scenes to crash has been fixed. If you downloaded a build already you’ll need to re-download.
  • Several new consumable items have been added, including small heals and weapon buffs. You can find most of them as new drops on enemies; trail rations are sold by Leorah and the Minotaur Guards. Each of the bosses (The Alraune, Matiha, and Chief Argoth) also has a new, much more powerful consumable drop.
  • You can now interact with the Alraune Herald again in the corrupted grove, assuming you dominated her mother rather than executing her. (By BubbleLord)
  • Garth will now give you a talking-to if you’ve been fooling around with his baby girl.
  • New Ranged Power: Arcane Shot. Sold by Leorah.
  • New Kiyoko-focused Dream. (written by The Observer)
  • New TF: Tanuki. Complete with perks for expanding balls and, with high Corruption, cum cascades.
  • New Busts: Marefolk Shaman, her Treant, and Slimes
  • New Illustration: Character Cards. Explains what each of the bars/icons are. Found in the mechanics Codex.

Also New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Right of Conquest, a new adventure focused on Arona and her tribe of orcs, can now be completed. Start to quest by winning or losing to Arona several times in succession. Big thanks to Wsan and Observer for helping flesh it out!
  • Ninian the Pixie Twink can now be found in the Old Forest.
  • New Location in Harvest Valley: Pupperidge Farms, staffed with a pair of futa half-lupines and their dairy cows.
  • The Codex has been unlocked along with 20-something new entries in there.
  • The Foothills has been zoned to help alleviate encounter crowding.
  • Brint can now knock up the PC.
  • Kinu has a new scene.
  • Cait has a new scene for losing to the Mercs.
  • The Lupine Archer can now be given a footjob by Dark Knight-personality PCs.
  • Shar has a new story and an appearance screen.
  • Ovilixer now can make Harpy PCs self-impregnate with eggs over time via the Oviparous perk.
  • A whole bunch of new dreams have been added.
  • Leorah now sells Level 4 Ranged powers.
  • New TFs: Goblin

What’s Coming Up Next?

To Be Coded: We’ve got another Foothills dungeon ready for code thanks to TheObserver. I’ve finished some new scenes for Etheryn. Gardeford’s Dullahan companion has just finished up being written.

In progress: I’m currently working on repeat content for the Kervus Warcamp, specifically for Hretha. I’m not any less burnt out on orcs, so it’ll be a while before Arona’s recruitment gets written. SomeKindofWizard and B! are both working on new Hornets, and Observer’s doing another dungeon, this time for Harvest Valley.

Art of the Herald is by RattlePool!

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