Today I coded a piercing system. It’s more advanced than CoC’s but still quite limited. The piercings have full item stat blocks and can be equipped or removed (unless it isn’t designed to be!). The item can be “multiple” piercings – like “a pair of nipple rings” or single “a nipple ring”. Only one piercing item can go in a single slot. There’s a tag set up for doing piercings with a nipple chain, but chaining together discrete piercings won’t be a thing.

I don’t plan to allow them to aid or assist with your combat attributes, but sexual modifications are something I’m up for. For example, piercings that increase lactation quantity or regeneration speed when worn on nipples, or cock piercings that cause your orgasm to use an extra 5 energy in exchange for a 20% cum boost. The sky’s the limit.

Right now, we’ve just got Lund’s trophy piercings, which I will probably have increase the odds of encountering male Milodans in the wild.

I’ve also been poking at Mitzi the mind-broken goblin bimbo-slut, a follower you were supposed to get post final dungeon in CoC that I’m going to try to write in a way that allows her to exist in TiTS or CoC. I figure the sex scenes will be about the same, the only differences will be some of the intro texts… but then again, my bimbo lust is kind of spilling out of hand. I’ve spent way too long writing different sexy outfits for her to wear.