Spent too much time arguing on the internet, but still got some quality art in for the VN and scribbled out a thousand words of stuff for Kiro’s sister (who we are now calling Kally). I’m just gonna dump some raw stuff I wrote up here, then go to bed. Ciao!

Kally looks… different. Her posture is terrible, like she’s barely managing to stand up, but she’s smiling bright enough for an artificial sun. When she sees you, she makes an effort to straighten, then flows over to lean on the counter, sighing contentedly. “Hey there.”

“Hi yourself.{ You okay?/ Somebody got laaaaaaaiiiid!}”

Giggling, the kui-tan barkeep shakes her head. “{I’m fiiiine./Noooo! …Close though.}” She pulls a stool out from under the counter and plops herself down on it, the curves of her ass wrapping just slightly around the tiny seat. “I just had to release some pressure… from the uh… kegs.” She winks, then giggles. “Lots of pressure. Felt like it took hours.” She giggles again, voice still husky. “So what can I get you?”