This afternoon took a hit to dealing with mail and employment stuff for one of my artists, but the biggest consumer of time wound up being the second fight of Penny’s quest. In this fight, you’re battling two plant-girls with Penny by your side. Each of them targets one of you exclusively with abilities, and one of them can throw vines at Penny to slowly drag her forward for “capture”. If Penny is downed (which happens easily due to them having a pheromone attack), this happens much more often (and much faster). Of course, you can save her by targeting the “vines” enemy that it spawns so long as you don’t miss a clutch hit.

This fight has a ton of edge cases to handle, like having to give one of them a second set of tease attacks that are written for targeting you, or writing text for what happens if the last one in combat sucks up Penny (and therefore removes itself from combat). Spoiler alert: this is technically a win, though you have to pry drugged-up, violated Penny out of her clutches after. Will that have any lasting consequences? Maybe.

Coding it was a nightmare, but I think it’s mostly handled now. I just need to write one bad-end for when you lose and a suite of new victory scenes for satisfying your lusts with each other, since these creatures are too dangerous to fuck directly. I may also commission someone to come write a scene where you can choose to fuck them after winning and voluntarily bad-end yourself, but I need the regular bad-end written and in game before I can do that.

A busy day.

(P.S. I’m increasingly glad the final fight after this will be relatively simple and against genderless mining robots.)