Hey guys, (Fen here)

UPDATE: Stuck in verification with the new host atm. It could be a few days.

Short version: we’re going to move web hosts shortly. We’re aware there are issues with Patreon account linking right now. They might not be fixed until we get everything set up and moved over.

Long version: we got reports that account linking was broken, which lead to the discovery of some DNS issues with our current host – on top of issues we were already aware of with our chosen hosting distro being on the way out. That makes right now a great time to move servers and set up something that’ll hopefully be a little more durable. We’re going to be swapping to a bigger hosting company with a nice phat bandwidth pipe for us to feed your downloads with. We might even get set with a second to serve as a backup or a download server for the games, but that’ll need some more discussion.