Today I spent most of my work time doing the changes to Ula and Korg’ii Hold that needed doing to address the epilogue of battle with the milodans. There were a surprising amount of little odds and ends I had to chase down to do it:

  • Hunting through all of Ula’s content and adjusting it to take place in her refurbished throne room instead of her bedroom.
  • Changing every mention of Princess -> Chieftess.
  • Rewriting room descriptions for Ula’s room, the Throne Room, and Chieftain’s Bedroom (even though the old one never got displayed. RIP.)
  • Dynamically moving the NPC indicators for Ula and her father around. (And now that I mention it, I might need to double check on one of them).

After all that, I sat down and started working on the ability to chat with her dad, post-battle. No, I don’t plan to write content for sleeping with him, but I did do a small appearance screen a handful of basic talk options. Tomorrow I’ll do a couple more before adding him to the game, so I wanted to ask: are there any requests for talk topics with Ula’s father (the former Chief)? If so, please leave your suggestions in the comments!